Qingkai jumping in front of sensor

Flat Stanley Visits the BSL Flat Stanley's visit to the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory.

Earthquake Workbook A handout with fault types, a tectonic plate map, a US hazard map, an intensity map for the Northridge quake, quizzes, and a word search. For 6th grade and higher.

Earthquake Magnitude Versus Intensity A lesson plan and handouts for mapping the intensity of an earthquake in different regions based on written descriptions of shaking and damage. From the USGS.

Understanding Earthquakes A UC Santa Barbara site featuring earthquake animations, an earthquake quiz, and earthquake accounts by famous people like Mark Twain.

Build an Earthquake-Proof Bridge Help build the new Bay Bridge!

Tour the Hayward Fault (Google Earth Required) Using Google Earth you will be able to trace the Hayward Fault as it runs through the Bay Area

Seismac Turn your MacBook or MacBook Pro into a seismograph!


More Resources

  • Exploring the Earth A simulation that shows the motion of seismic waves generated by a single earthquake through the Earth.

  • Animations Animations that display what happens at different fault zones and wave propagation during earthquakes.

USGS and IRIS Education Websites:

Other Online Seismo-Teaching Resources: