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During my spare time, I also have a lot of hobbies. I select a few ones to show here, and if you want to know more fun stuffs happen in my life, you can visit Qingkai's blog.


I fell in love with hiking when I came to Bay area. I had an ambitious goal to finish all the mountains/hills in Bay area before I graduate. You can find the places I hiked before in the following map.



I also play guitar at home for fun, you can find a list of songs I played on Youtube.


I really like to support my talent wife's dream to become an artist. I am her model, her fan, her sponsor, her audience, her reviewer, her babysitter and of course, her driver. I keep a record of all her nice drawings, if you like to view them, you can find them here - Wife's painting.



I have been playing soccer since 4th grade in elementary school. I especially like the feeling when I kick a goal! See I am in a game below: