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In Progress

[Book] Qingkai Kong, Timmy Siauw, Alexandre M. Bayen. "An Introduction to Python Programming and Numerical Methods for Engineers and Scientists" in progress

[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Asaf Inbal, Sarina Patel, Richard M. Allen, Louis Schreier. "MyShake: Detecting and characterizing earthquakes with a global smartphone seismic network" in progress.


[Journal] Yijian Zhou, Han Yue, Qingkai Kong, Shiyong Zhou. "The Detection and Phase Picking for Seismic Data by Convolutional and Recurrent Neural Network" in review

[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Asaf Inbal, Richard M. Allen, Qin Lv, Arno Puder. "Machine Learning Aspects in MyShake Global Smartphone Seismic Network" in review

[Journal] Asaf Inbal, Qingkai Kong, William Savran, Richard M. Allen. "Toward Microseismic Imaging with the Dense MyShake Smartphone Array" in review

[Journal] Kaylin Rochford, Jennifer Strauss, Qingkai Kong, Richard Allen. "MyShake: Using Human-Centered Design Methods to Promote Engagement in a Smartphone based Global Seismic Network", in review


[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Daniel T. Trugman, Zachary E. Ross, Michael J. Bianco, Brendan Meade, Peter Gerstoft. 2018, "Machine Learning in Seismology —Turning Data into Insights", accepted by Seismological Research Letters

[Thesis] Qingkai Kong. May 2018, "MyShake – Building a global smartphone seismic network", University of California, Berkeley

[Conference] Qingkai Kong, Asaf Inbal, Richard M. Allen, Jennifer Strauss. 2018, "MyShake: Building a global smartphone earthquake early warning system", SEG Technical Program Expanded Abstracts, 4867-4871. Link, reprint


[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Richard M. Allen, Julian Bunn, Monica Kohler, Thomas Heaton. 2017, "Structural Health Monitoring of Buildings Using Smartphone Sensors", Seismological Research Letters, 89(2A), doi:10.1785/0220170111. Link, reprint

[Article] Qingkai Kong, Richard M. Allen, Louis Schreier. 2017, "Seismic data from smartphones - MyShake: building a global smartphone seismic network ", Invited article for GeoStrata, reprint


[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Richard M. Allen, Louis Schreier. 2016, "MyShake: Initial Observations from a Global Smartphone Seismic Network", Geophysical Research Letters, doi:10.1002/2016GL070955. Link, reprint

[Journal] Qingkai Kong, Richard M. Allen, Louis Schreier, and Young-Woo Kwon. 2016. "MyShake: A Smartphone Seismic Network for Earthquake Early Warning and beyond", Science Advances 2 (2): e1501055–e1501055. doi:10.1126/sciadv.1501055. Link, Paper Picked up by News, reprint


[Journal] Taira, Taka’Aki, Florent Brenguier, and Qingkai Kong. 2015. "Ambient Noise-Based Monitoring of Seismic Velocity Changes Associated with the 2014 M W 6.0 South Napa Earthquake", Geophysical Research Letters 42 (17): 6997–7004. doi:10.1002/2015GL065308. Link

[Conference] Qingkai Kong, Young-Woo Kwon, Louis Schreier, Steven Allen, Richard M. Allen, and Jennifer Strauss. 2015. "Smartphone-Based Networks for Earthquake Detection", In 2015 15th International Conference on Innovations for Community Services (I4CS), 1–8. IEEE. doi:10.1109/I4CS.2015.7294490. Link, Best presentation award


[Journal] Qingkai Kong, and Ming Zhao. 2012. "Evaluation of Earthquake Signal Characteristics for Early Warning", Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration 11 (3): 435–43. doi:10.1007/s11803-012-0133-1. Link


[Journal] Qingkai, Kong, and Zhao Ming. 2010. "Study on Algorithms in Earthquake Early Warning System", Journal of Catastrophology. S1: 305-308. (In Chinese) Link

[Conference] Ming Zhao, Qingkai Kong, and Atao Yu. 2010 "Development of Vibration Character Sensors", In 2010 Fifth European Workshop on Structral Health Monitoring: 1152 - 1157. Link