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Non-Traditional Seismic Network - MyShake

This is the main project that I am doing during my Ph.D, it is a collaboration with Deutsche Telekom Silicon Valley Innovation Center, what I did:

Earthquake Source

I am currently working on source study of the M6.4 Taiwan earthquake using Finite Fault Modeling. This project is working with Diego Melgar using his code Mudpy.

Array Seismology

I am also doing array analysis using dense seismic array data. This work is mainly collaborate with Lingsen Meng from UCLA.

Ambient Noise

I worked with Taka'aki Taira using the ambient noise to monitor the seismic velocity change before the 2014 M6.0 Napa earthquake.

Social Network Analysis

I am also really interested in machine learning and how to apply different techniques back to seismology. Social network analysis is one thing I am exploring on seismic arrays.