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BKS - Byerly Seismographic Vault, Berkeley, CA, USA

Station Name BKS
In Operation 1987/05/05 00:00:00 - Present
Elevation: 243.90 meters
Instrumentation Broadband

  • Site


    Site is located in Strawberry Canyon, just east of the UC Berkeley campus, in an installation known as Byerly Seismographic Vault. The vault was constructed in 1962 in order to relocate instruments from Haviland Hall (station BRK), as "cultural" noise levels were growing in amplitude. The first digital broadband instrumentation was installed in 1988.

    In addition to the UC Berkeley instrumentation, this vault is home to USGS tiltmeters and a UREDAS system. This site is frequently used for instrument testing and calibration.


    BK (Berkeley Digital Seismic Network)


    Miocene Claremont cherts and shales

    Vault/Borehole Conditions

    The instruments are sited in the Byerly Seismographic Vault in Strawberry Canyon. The vault is a 105 foot adit dug horizontally at a NW azimuth into the side of a hill. The piers are constructed of reinforced concrete in the rear of the vault and are not isolated from floor and walls. The vault is thermally stable and a ventilating/dehumidifying system is connected to all rooms. There are three interior doors leading to the room housing the seismometers. The seismometers are thermally insulated with 4 inches of polyurethane foam.
  • Plots & Figures


    Entrance to Byerly adit

    Entrance to Byerly adit

    Typical STS-1 installation

    Typical STS-1 installation

  • Instrumentation

    Table of Seismic Instrumentation

    SensorDataloggerSEED ChannelsLocation
    BroadbandStreckeisen STS-1/E300 VBB Feedback SeismometerQ330HR-GFEBH?,HH?,LH?,VH?00
    AccelerometerKinemetrics FBA ES-T Accel. GFE (2 g max 10 v/g)Q330HR-GFEHN?00
  • Data & Metadata
  • Data Quality

    Noise Analysis

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