Whole mantle shear velocity model SAW12D

Xiang-Dong Li and Barbara Romanowicz , "Global Mantle Shear-Velocity Model Developed Using Nonlinear Asymptotic Coupling Theory", J. Geophys. Res., vol. 101, No. B10, 22,245-22,272, (1996) (view Abstract)

The theory used to develop the model is described in :

Xiang-Dong Li and Barbara Romanowicz , "Comparison of global waveform inversions with and without considering cross-branch modal coupling", Geophys. J. Int. (1995) 121, 695-709. (view Abstract)

Click here for further description of the Nonlinear Asymptotic Coupling Theory

Mantle maps (Vsh)

Mantle maps from 150 km to 750 km and from 850 km to 2800 km

Model Access :

Download SAW12D ; its C vizualization package grid.tar and the README file

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Last update : 15 February 2003