EPS 024

Course control number: 19033

URL: www.seismo.berkeley.edu/~burgmann/EPS024


EPS 024 - Freshman Seminar
Earthquake Prediction and the Myth of Solid Ground
Spring 2008


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Roland Bürgmann
Tel: (510) 643-9545
Fax: (510) 643-9980
E-mail:  burgmann at seismo.berkeley.edu
Office: 389 McCone Hall

Class schedule:  Office hours:
M: 3 - 4 PM - 401 McCone Hall
Tuesday TBD @ Brewed Awakening on Euclid Ave.


If you take this seminar, please purchase the book by David Ulin, which should be available in most bookstores and on-line.
In this seminar the (few) successes and (many) challenges to earthquake prediction will be explored. The book The Myth of Solid Ground: Earthquakes, Prediction and the Fault Line Between Reason and Faith by David Ulin will be used as a guide through the scientific and non-scientific aspects of the topic. Some of the topics mentioned in the book will be explored more deeply by reading related research papers and seeking dialogue with some of the scientists featured in the book.
Please Note: To be fair to people on the waitlist for the seminar; if you do not show up to class for first two meetings, you will be dropped from the course. I will be replacing students who do not show up for the first two class meetings with students from the waitlist who do show up for the first two class meetings.

Welcome to the EPS - 024 - Freshman Seminar on Earthquake Prediction at UC Berkeley. This is a course taught at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science

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