EPS116 - Structural Geology and Tectonics

Spring 2015

CCN: 19057&19060
URL: www.seismo.berkeley.edu/~burgmann/EPS116

This class introduces students to geologic structures, their classification, their geometry, and their mechanics. Emphasis is put on the origins of geologic structures, their genetic relation to stress fields and their use as kinematic indicators. Laboratory exercises will focus on the analysis of field data and on the application of continuum mechanics to the interpretation and understanding of geologic structures. Laboratory sections will include the use of computers, as well as two field trips to observe geologic structures.

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EPS 116 Instructors

 Roland Bürgmann
burgmann AT seismo.berkeley.edu
389 McCone Hall
Office Hours: Th 3-4 PM

GSI:  Chris Johnson
c.w.johnson AT berkeley.edu
GSI: Noah Randolph-Flagg
nrflagg AT berkeley.edu

Office Hours:
Chris: TBD
Noah: TBD

Class Schedule

Lecture: MW 11 to 12 AM, 265 McCone

Laboratory: Friday 11 AM - 1 PM, 325 McCone


  • First class meeting is on Wed. Jan. 21 in 265 McCone Hall EPS050 is the only prerequisite for this course. 
  • Our required text book is: Twiss, R.J. and Moores, E.M., Structural Geology, 2nd edition, W.H. Freeman and Co., New York, 2006. [NOT 1st edition]
  • It appears that the book may be late on bookstore shelfs, download the first reading assignment
  • Not required, but useful:
    • Marshak, S. and Mitra, G., Basic Methods of Structural Geology, 1998.
    • Allmendinger, R. W., N. Cardozo, and D. M. Fisher, Structural geology algorithms: vectors and tensors , Cambridge University Press, New York, 2012.

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