EPS 150


EPS 150 - Fall 2014

URL: www.seismo.berkeley.edu/~burgmann/EPS150


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Teaching Team

Roland Bürgmann
E-mail:  burgmann AT seismo.berkeley.edu
Office: 389 McCone Hall
Kathryn Materna
xxx AT berkeley.edu
Chris Johnson
c.w.johnson AT berkeley.edu
All submitted material goes to eps150abstract@gmail.com

Class schedule:  Office hours:
F: 11:10 - 1 PM - 325 McCone Hall
Roland Bürgmann: Th. 3-3:45 PM 389 McCone
Kathryn and Chris: TBD

Announcements and Reminders

  1. Tips on reading research papers.
  2. Your first reading assigment to thoroughly read for the lecture on September 5 is Royden et al. (2008) .
  3. To access course material you need:
  4. There is no text book for this course. All reading will consist of journal articles, which will be made available in PDF format by clicking on the links on the course schedule page .

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