EPS 150


EPS 150 - Fall 2014

URL: www.seismo.berkeley.edu/~burgmann/EPS150


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Teaching Team

Roland Bürgmann
E-mail:  burgmann AT seismo.berkeley.edu
Office: 389 McCone Hall
Kathryn Materna
kmaterna AT berkeley.edu
Chris Johnson
c.w.johnson AT berkeley.edu
All submitted material goes to eps150abstract@gmail.com

Class schedule:  Office hours:
F: 11:10 - 1 PM - 325 McCone Hall
Roland Bürgmann: Th. 3-3:45 PM 389 McCone
Kathryn and Chris by appointment

Announcements and Reminders

  1. Copies of Sanjeevi, Aaron and Michael's slides and handout from the 10th week.
  2. Here are Chris and Kathryn's slides with proposal writing advice .
  3. Download the template and more information for your proposal.
  4. Copies of Alyssa and Gina's slides and handout from the 9th week.
  5. Copies of Anita, Christina, and Claudia's slides and handout from the 8th week.
  6. Copies of Zack, William and Colin's slides and handout from the 6th week.
  7. Here are the Mars lecture slides from from October 17.
  8. Copies of Alexandra, Leif and Janet's slides and handout from the 5th week.
  9. Copies of Holly, Brendan and Kyle's slides and handout from the 4th week.
  10. Copies of Jessica, Eunice and Grace's slides and handout from the 3rd week.
  11. Here is the link to the writing resources Chris mentioned in class
  12. Copies of Katherine, Finn and Sarah's slides and handout from the 2nd week.
  13. You may be interested in this exchange between  Flesch & Bendick and Meade   regarding the interpretation of surface velocities with GPS, which we discussed in class.
  14. Copies of Raman, Cansu and Michael's slides and handout from the 1st week.
  15. When submitting your assignments, please name your files [last-name]-eps150abstract[#].doc (Example: you-eps150abstract1.doc) eps150abstract@gmail.com
  16. First abstract is due before class on September 19. If you were away for EPS 117 trip, you should base abstract on papers and your own discussions. Please check with class members about questions coming up during class you missed.
  17. Summary information on writing your abstracts.
  18. Here are the Tibet lecture slides from from September 5.
  19. Tips on giving presentations .
  20. Your first written assignment will be an abstract on the papers and discussion of our first case study topic (Topic 1) and will be due via e-mail before class on September 19
  21. Tips on reading research papers
  22. Your first reading assignment for the lecture on September 5 is Royden et al. (2008) 
  23. Information and tips on writing your abstracts in slides from Chris and Kathryn's presentation
  24. Additional resources that might help with the writing of your summaries and proposal:
  25. Here are the course introduction lecture slides from our first class meeting
  26. We will take attendance and participation in class is required
  27. To access course material you need:
  28. Our first organizational meeting is Friday Aug. 29 at 11:10 AM in 325 McCone Hall
  29. There is no text book for this course. All reading will consist of journal articles, which will be made available in PDF format by clicking on the links on the course schedule page

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