EPS 216

EPS 216 - Fall 2018


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  1. No class on Monday, 11/19! Be sure to do all the reading and to wrap up all your assignments ASAP.
  2. Download the slides from the InSAR Tutorial with Kang
  3. Here is some information on leading paper discussions.
  4. Course info, including information on how to develop the course projects can be found in this handout
  5. To download course material, you will need the following login/password: eps216 quakes


Roland Bürgmann
Tel: (510) 643-9545
Fax: (510) 643-9980
E-mail:  burgmann AT seismo DOT berkeley.edu
Office: 389 McCone Hall

Class schedule:

  M & W 11:10 - 12:30 AM
265 McCone

Office hours:

  Th 3-3:45 and by arrangement

Welcome to EPS 216 - Active Tectonics at UC Berkeley. This is a course taught at the Department of Earth and Planetary Science

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