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February 04, 2004: Journal Club papers for discussion:

Dadson, S.J., Hovius, N., Chen, H., Dade, W.B., Hsieh, M.L., Willett, S.D., Hu, J.C., Horng, M.J., Chen, M.C., Stark, C.P., Lague, D., Lin, J.C., Links between erosion, runoff variability and seismicity in the Taiwan orogen, Nature, 427, 648-651, reference [.pdf]

Bos, A.G., and W. Spakman, The resolving power of coseismic surface displacement data for fault slip distribution at depth, Geophys. Res. Lett., 30, 21, 2110, doi:10.1029/2003GL017946, 2003.  [Link]

Forster, R.R., Jezek, K.C., Koenig, L., and Deeb, E., Measurement of Glacier Geophysical Properties from InSAR Wrapped Phase, IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing, 41 (11), 2595-2604, 2003 [Link]

Kim, Y.-S., Peacock, D.C.P., and Sanderson, D.J., 2004, Fault Damage Zones Journal of Structural Geology, v. 26, p. 503-517.

Wright, T.J., Parsons, B.E., Lu, Z.Toward mapping surface deformation in three dimensions using InSAR, Geophysical Research Letters, v.31 L01607[PDF]

February 18, 2004: Journal Club papers for discussion:

G. Di Toro, D.L. Goldsby, T.E. Tullis, Friction falls towards zero in quartz rock as slip velocity approaches seismic rates, Nature, 427, p 436-439, 2004. [Link]

Ouchi, S. Flume Experiments on the Horizontal Stream Offset by Strike-slip Faults, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 29 (2), pgs. 161-173, 2004, [Duh duh duh!]

Panian, J., and Wiltschko, D., Ramp initiation in a thrust wedge , Nature, 427 (2), pgs. 624-627, 2004. [pdf]

March 17, 2004: Journal Club papers for discussion:

Saleeby, J. and Foster, Z., Topographic response to mantle lithosphere removal in the southern Sierra Nevada region, California, Geology, 32 (3) pp. 245-248, 2004 [Whoopee!]

Sato, T., Imanishi, K., Kato, N., Sagiya, T., Detection of a slow slip event from small signal in GPS data, Geophys. Res. Lett., Vol. 31, No. 5, L05606 10.1029/2004GL019514, 06 March 2004 [.pdf]

Johnson, K., and Segall, P., Imaging the ramp de´collement geometry of the Chelungpu fault using coseismic GPS displacements from the 1999 Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquake, Tectonophysics, 378(2004), p123-139, 2004 [[PDF]]

April 14, 2004: Journal Club papers for discussion:

Phillips, F., Ayarbe, J.P., Harrison, J.B.J., Dating rupture events on alluvial fault scarps using cosmogenic nuclides and scarp morphology. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 215, pp. 203-218, 2003 [.html link]

Simpson, G., Role of river incision in enhancing deformation, Geology, 32 (4), pp. 341-344, 2004 [I Love Boney M]

Schellart, W.P., Quantifying the net slab pull force as a driving mechanism for plate tectonics, GRL, v.31 no.7 L07611 [Link]

Bilek, S., Schwatrz, S., and Deshon, H., Control of seafloor roughness on earthquake rupture behavior, Geology, v.31 no.5 p.455-458, 2003 [Link]

G. Chiodini, C. Cardellini, A. Amato, E. Boschi, S. Caliro, F. Frondini, and G. Ventura, Carbon Dioxide Earth degassing and seismogenesis in Central and Southern Italy, GRL, 31, doi:10.1029/2004GL019480 [PDF Link]

S. A. Miller, C. Collenttini, L. Chiaraluce, M. Cocco, M. Barchi, and B. J. P. Kaus, Aftershocks driven by high-pressure CO2 at depth, Nature, 427, p. 724-727 [PDF Link]

Spinelli, G. A., and D. M. Saffer (2004), Along-strike variations in underthrust sediment dewatering on the Nicoya margin, Costa Rica related to the updip limit of seismicity, Geophys. Res. Lett., 31, L04613, doi:10.1029/2003GL018863. [Link]

April 28, 2004: Journal Club papers for discus sion:

Oskin, M., and Iriondo, A., Large-magnitude transient strain accumulation on the Blackwater fault, Eastern California shear zone, Geology, 32:4, 313-316. [.pdf]

Ericson, K., Geomorphological surfaces of different age and origin in granite landscapes: an evaluation of the Schmidt hammer test, Earth Surface Processes and Landforms, 29, pp. 495-509, [Holy Cow!]

Fisher, et al., Geophysical investigation of the Denali fault and Alaska Range orogen within the aftershock zone of the October-November 2002, M = 7.9 Denali fault earthquake, Geology, 32:3 pp. 269-272 [Click Me!]

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   Topics of Interest:
  • Rheology 
  • Fault Mechanics 
  • Earthquake Triggering 
  • Aseismic Faulting 
  • Transient Deformation 
  • Fault Geometry 
  • Earthquake Cycle Deformation 
  • Volcano Deformation 
  • GPS 
  • InSAR