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Journal Club Papers

April 14, 2010

Mong-Han Huang

Hetland, Simons, and Dunham, Post-seismic and interseismic fault creep I: model description , JGR, April 2010, Online article

March 31, 2010

Kelly Grijalva

Kositsky & Avouac, Inverting geodetic time series with a principal component analysis-based inversion method , JGR, March 2010, Online article

Max Rudolph
Current EPSL Papers of Interest
Kristin Hughes et al. Poroelastic Stress Triggering of the M8.7 Nias earthquake by the M9.2 Sumatra-Andaman earthquake. DOI Link

Ling Lei
Sang-Hoon Hong, Shimon Wdowinski, and Sang-Wan Kim, Evaluation of TerraSAR-X Observations for Wetland InSAR Application, IEEE TGARS, Feb 2010, Online article

February 24, 2010

Peter Olds
Burov EB, Tectonophysics (in press), The equivalent elastic thickness (Te), seismicity and the long-term rheology of continental lithosphere: Time to burn-out creme brulee?: Insights from large-scale geodynamic modeling Online article

D. Shelly, Migrating tremors illuminate complex deformation beneath the seismogenic San Andreas fault, Nature, Feb 2010, Online article
C. Collettini et al., Fault zone fabric and fault weakness, Nature, Dec 2009, Online article
W. R. Boos and Z. Kuang, Dominant control of the South Asian monsoon by orographic insulation versus plateau heating, Nature, Jan 2010, Online article

February 10, 2010

Mong-Han Huang
M. B. Yikilmaz, D.L. Turcotte, G. Yakovlev, J.B. Rundle, and L.H. Kellogg, Virtual California earthquake simulations: simple models and their application to an observed sequence of earthquakes, Geophysical Journal International, Feb 2010, Online article

M. Mouyen, R. Cattin, and F. Masson, Seismic cycle stress change in western Taiwan over the last 270 years, Geophysical Research Letters, Feb 2010, Online article

Ling Lei
Sang-Hoon Hong, Shimon Wdowinski, and Sang-Wan Kim, Evaluation of TerraSAR-X Observations for Wetland InSAR Application, IEEE TGARS, Feb 2010, Online article

January 27, 2010

Peter Olds
Giampiero Iaffaldanoa and Hans-Peter Bunge Relating rapid plate-motion variations to plate-boundary forces in global coupled models of the mantle/lithosphere system: Effects of topography and friction Link

Samuelson, J., D. Elsworth, and C. Marone Shear-induced dilatancy of fluid-saturated faults: Experiment and theoryJGR-Solid Earth. [Online article]

Max Rudolph
Isabelle Manighetti, D. Zigonea, M. Campilloa and F. Cotton. Self-similarity of the largest-scale segmentation of the faults: Implications for earthquake behavior. EPSL 288(3-4), 370-381 DOI Link

Kelly Grijalva
Zhigang Peng and Peng Zhao, Migration of early aftershocks following the 2004 Parkfield earthquake,
Nature Geoscience, DOI: 10.1038

November 18, 2009

Kelly Grijalva
H. Sone and T. Shimamoto Frictional resistance of faults during accelerating and decelerating earthquake slip, Nature Geoscience. [Online article]

Max Rudolph
S. Carena and C. Moder. The strength of faults in the crust in the western United States ,EPSL. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2009.08.021
and a brief summary of:
L. Senft and S. Stewart. Dynamic fault weakening and the formation of large impact craters EPSL. doi:10.1016/j.epsl.2009.08.033

Ling Lei
Zhenhong Li, Eric J.Fielding, and Paul Cross Integration of InSAR Time-Series Analysis and Water-Vapor Correction for Mapping Postseismic Motion After the 2003 Bam (Iran) Earthquake, IEEE TGARS. [Online article]

October 28, 2009

Mong-Han Huang
Erosional control on the dynamics of low-convergence rate continental pateau margins GJI, 179, 763-777, doi: 10.1111/j.1365-246X.2009.04324.x [Online article]

Colin Amos
Nicol et al., Earthquake histories and Holocene acceleration of fault displacement rates, Geology, v. 37, no. 10, p. 911-914, doi:10.1130/G25765A. [Online article]

October 21, 2009

Pascal Audet
Nishida et al., Global Surface Wave Tomography Using Seismic Hum, Science, 326, 112, doi:10.1126/science.1176389 [Online article]

September 30, 2009

Fulton & Saffer, Potential role of mantle-derived fluids in weakening the San Andreas Fault, JGR-SE, 114, B07408, doi:10.1029/2008JB006087. [Abstract and PDF]

Pascal Audet
Nabelek et al., Underplating in the Himalaya-Tibet Collision Zone Revealed by the Hi-CLIMB Experiment, Science, 325, 1371, doi:10.1126/science.1167719. [Online article]

Colin Amos
Geoffrey A. Abers, Slip on shallow-dipping normal faults, Geology, v. 37, no. 8, p. 767-768, doi:10.1130/focus082009.1. [Online article]

Hreinsdottir, S., and Bennett, R.A. , Active aseismic creep on the Alto Tiberina low-angle normal fault, Italy, Geology, v. 37, no. 8, 683-686, doi:1-.1130/G30194A.1. [Online article]

September 9, 2009

Your Name
Lomax & Michelini, Tsunami early warning using earthquake rupture duration, GRL, v. 36, L09306 [online article]

Max Rudolph
Fulton, Saffer, and Bekins A critical evaluation of crustal dehydration as the cause of an overpressured and weak San Andreas Fault, EPSL v. 284 no. 3-4 Link

Mong Han
Wang et al., Afterslip and viscoelastic relaxation following the 1999 M 7.4 Izmit earthquake from GPS measurements, GJI, v. 178, 1220-1237 [online article]

Colin Amos
Cowgill et al., 2009, Low Quaternary slip rate reconciles geodetic and geologic rates along the Altyn Tagh fault, northwestern Tibet , Geology, v. 37, 647-650 [online article]

Mackey et al., 2009, Long-term kinematics and sediment flux of an active earthflow, Eel River, California , Geology, v. 37, 803-806 [online article]

Kelly Grijalva
Hino et al., Insight into complex rupturing of the immature bending normal fault in the outer slope of the Japan Trench from aftershocks of the 2005 Sanriku earthquake (Mw = 7.0) located by ocean bottom seismometry , G3, v. 10, no. 7 Link

     Topics of Interest:

  • Rheology 
  • Fault Mechanics 
  • Earthquake Triggering 
  • Aseismic Faulting 
  • Transient Deformation 
  • Fault Geometry 
  • Earthquake Cycle Deformation 
  • Volcano Deformation 
  • GPS 
  • InSAR

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