Current Events in Active Tectonics: Journal Club and Research Updates

EPS 290

Wednesday 1:10 PM , BSL Conference Room

February 1st

Chri Milliner

Freed et al., Resolving depth-dependent subduction zone viscosity and afterslip from postseismic displacements following the 2011 Tohoku-oki, Japan earthquake EPSL Link


September 7 

Chris Johnson
Charles G. Sammis, S.W. Smith, R.M. Nadeau, and R. Lippoldt Relating Transient Seismicity to Episodes of Deep Creep at Parkfield, California

Chris Milliner
Dun Wang, Jim Mori, Kazuki Koketsu Fast Rupture Propogation for Large Strike-Slip Earthquakes

Lian Xue
M.M. Scuderi, C. Marone, E. Tinti, G. Di Stefano, C. Collettini Precursory changes in seismic velocity for the spectrum of earthquake failure modes
Nature Geoscience Link

Bin Zhao
Kelin X. Whipple, Manoochehr Shirzaei, Kip V. Hodges and J. Ramon Arrowsmith Active shortening within the Himalayan orogenic wedge implied by the 2015 Gorkha earthquake
Nature Geoscience Link

Noah Randolph-Flagg
Candela, T. and Brodsky, E. The minimum scale of grooving on faults
Geology Link

September 21 

Kathryn Materna
Shuang Yi, Jeffrey Freymueller, and Wenke Sun How fast is the middle-lower crust flowing in eastern Tibet? A constraint from geodetic observations
JGR Link

Brent Delbridge
Marine Denolle, Peter Shearer. New perspective on self-similarity for shallow thrust earthquakes
JGR Link

Qingkai Kong
Ruiz Sergio, Klein Emilie, Campo Francisco del, Rivera Efrain, Metois Marianne, Christophe Vigny, Baez Juan Carlos, Leyton Felipe, Madariaga Raul, Fleitout Luce The Seismic Sequence of the 16 September 2015 Mw 8.3 Illapel, Chile, Earthquake
SRL Link

October 26 

Brent Delbridge
E. K. Mitchell, Y. Fialko, and K. M. Brown Velocity-weakening behavior of Westerly granite at temperature up to 600∘C JGRLink

Chris Johnson
Sagar Masuti, Sylvain D. Barbot, Shun-ichiro Karato, Lujia Feng & Paramesh Banerjee Upper-mantle water stratification inferred from observations of the 2012 Indian Ocean earthquake NatureLink

Lian Xue
Satoshi Ide, Suguru Yabe and Yoshiyuki Tanaka Earthquake potential revealed by tidal influence on earthquake size frequency statistics NatureGeoscienceLink

November 2 

Qingkai Kong
Wu‐Lung Chang, Kuo‐En Ching, Chiou‐Hsien Lee, Yi‐Rui Lee, Chi‐Fang Lee Earthquake Potential of Active Faults in Taiwan from GPS Observations and Block Modeling
SRL Link

Chris Milliner
Yu Zhou, Richard Walker, James Hollingsworth, Morteza Talebian, Xiaogang Song, Barry Parsons. Coseismic and post seismic displacements from the 1978 Mw 7.3 Tabas-e-Golshan earthquake in eastern Iran. EPSL Link

Asaf Inbal
P. A. McCrory, J. E. Constantz, A. G. Hunt, J. L. Blair Helium as a tracer for fluids released from Juan de Fuca lithosphere beneath the Cascadia forearc G3 Link


     Topics of Interest:

  • Rheology 
  • Fault Mechanics 
  • Earthquake Triggering 
  • Aseismic Faulting 
  • Transient Deformation 
  • Fault Geometry 
  • Earthquake Cycle Deformation 
  • Volcano Deformation 
  • Landslide Deformation 
  • GPS 
  • InSAR



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