Current Events in Active Tectonics: Journal Club and Research Updates

EPS 290

Wednesday 1:10 PM , BSL Conference Room

January 27


Brent Delbridge
J. Loveless & B. Meade Two decades of spatiotemporal variations in subduction zone coupling offshore Japan


February 3

Yan Hu
Stephen P. Hicks & Andreas Rietbrock Seismic slip on an upper-plate normal fault during a large subduction megathrust rupture
Nature Geo.
Caroline M. Eakin et al. Internal deformation of the subducted Nazca slab inferred from seismic anisotropy
Nature Geo.Link

Chris Johnson
F. Yamashita, et al. Scale dependence of rock friction at high work rate
Nature Link

Kathryn Materna
B. Kundu, et al. Influence of anthropogenic groundwater unloading in Indo-Gangetic plains on the 25 April 2015 Mw 7.8 Gorkha, Nepal Earthquake
GRL Link

Jes Parker
J. Paul, C.P. Rajendran Short-term pre-2004 seismic subsidence near South Andaman: Is this a precursor slow slip prior to a megathrust earthquake?
Physics of Earth and Planetary Interiors Link

February 17

Chris Johnson
T.H.W. Goebel, E. Hauksson, F. Aminzadeh, and J.-P. Ampuero An objective method for the assessment of fluid injection-induced seismicity and application to tectionically active regions in central California
JGR Link

Chris Johnson
T.H.W. Goebel, S.M Hosseini, F. Cappa, E. Hauksson Wastewater disposal and earthquake swarm activity at the southern end of the Central Valley, California
GRL Link

Kathryn Materna
R. Takagi, K. Obara, T. Maeda Slow slip event within a gap between tremor and locked zones in the Nankai subduction zone
GRL Link

Brent Delbridge
J. Weston and M. Shirzaei Combining GPS and repeating earthquakes for a high resolution analysis of subduction zone coupling

March 2

Chris Johnson
P. Martinez-Garzon, M. Bohnhoff, Y. Ben-Zion, and Georg Dresen Scaling of maximum observed magnitudes with geometrical and stress properties of strike-slip faults
GRL Link

Yan Hu
J. C. Villegas-Lanza, J.-M. Nocquet, F. Rolandone, M. Vallée, H. Tavera, F. Bondoux, T. Tran, X. Martin & M. Chlieh A mixed seismic–aseismic stress release episode in the Andean subduction zone
Nat. Geosci. Link

April 6

Wenbin Xu
X. Xu, et al. Refining the shallow slip deficit
GJI Link

Maria-Teresa Ramirez-Herrera
Dan Bassett, David Sandwell, Yuri Fialko, and Anthony B. Watts Upper-plate controls on co-seismic slip in the 2011 magnitude 9.0 Tohoku-oki earthquake
Nature Link

Brent Delbridge
Saeko Kita and Makoto Matsubara Seismic attenuation structure associated with episodic tremor and slip zone beneath Shikoku and the Kii peninsula, southwestern Japan, in the Nankai subduction zone
JGR Link

Bin Zhao
E. Nissen, et al. Limitations of rupture forecasting exposed by instantaneously triggered earthquake doublet
Nature Geoscience Link

Chris Johnson
Yi Cheng and Louis Ngai Yuen Wong Occurrence of Foreshocks in Large Earthquakes with Strike-Slip Rupturing

April 13

Yan Hu
Elliott et al. Himalayan megathrust geometry and relation to topography revealed by the Gorkha earthquake
Nature Geoscience Link

Kathryn Materna
Sreejith et al. Coseismic and early postseismic deformation due to the 25 April 2015, M7.8 Gorkha, Nepal earthquake from InSAR and GPS measurements
GRL Link

Duputel et al. The 2015 Gorkha earthquake: A large event illuminating the Main Himalayan Thrust fault
GRL Link


     Topics of Interest:

  • Rheology 
  • Fault Mechanics 
  • Earthquake Triggering 
  • Aseismic Faulting 
  • Transient Deformation 
  • Fault Geometry 
  • Earthquake Cycle Deformation 
  • Volcano Deformation 
  • Landslide Deformation 
  • GPS 
  • InSAR



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