Papers of Potential Interest in EPSL

Update 11/2018

Evidence of pervasive trans-tensional deformation in the northwestern Wharton Basin in the 2012 earthquakes rupture area


Long-term strain oscillations related to the hydrological interaction between aquifers in intra-mountain basins: A case study from Apennines chain (Italy)


Update 09/2018

Complicated crustal deformation beneath the NE margin of the Tibetan plateau and its adjacent areas revealed by multi-station receiver-function gathering


Crustal rheology from focal depths in the North China Basin


Crustal structure and deformation beneath eastern and northeastern Tibet revealed by P-wave receiver functions


Updated 08/2018

Fault behavior and lower crustal rheology inferred from the first seven years of postseismic GPS data after the 2008 Wenchuan earthquake


The geophysics, geology and mechanics of slow fault slip


Updated 04/2018

Stress rotation across the Cascadia megathrust requires a weak subduction plate boundary at seismogenic depths


Southeastward increase of the late Quaternary slip-rate of the Xianshuihe fault, eastern Tibet. Geodynamic and seismic hazard implications


Implications of basal micro-earthquakes and tremor for ice stream mechanics: Stick-slip basal sliding and till erosion


Present-day crustal deformation and strain transfer in northeastern Tibetan Plateau


Updated 02/2018

Active backstop faults in the Mentawai region of Sumatra, Indonesia, revealed by tele seismic broadband waveform modeling


Time-dependent postseismic slip following the 1978 Mw 7.3 Tabas-e-Golshan, Iran earthquake revealed by over 20 years of ESA InSAR observations


Shallow megathrust earthquake ruptures betrayed by their outer-trench aftershocks signature


Focal mechanisms and inter-event times of low-frequency earthquakes reveal quasi-continuous deformation and triggered slow slip on the deep Alpine Fault


Updated 01/2018

Strain partitioning in Southeastern Alaska: Is the Chatham Strait Fault active?


Scaling and spatial complementarily of tectonic earthquake swarms


Distribution of very low frequency earthquakes in the Nankai accretionary prism influenced by a subducting-ridge


Interaction between strike-slip earthquakes and the subduction interface near the Mendocino Triple Junction


Insight into the subducted Indian slab and origin of the Tengchong volcano in SE Tibet from receiver function analysis


Active tectonics around the Yakutat indentor: New geomorphological constraints on the eastern Denali, Totschunda and Duke River Faults


Updated 11/2017

Complex rupture process of the Mw 7.8, 2016, Kaikoura earthquake, New Zealand, and its aftershock sequence


Updated 09/2017

The first since 1960: A large event in the Valdivia segment of the Chilean Subduction Zone, the 2016 M7.6 Melinka earthquake


Highly variable coastal deformation in the 2016 MW7.8 Kaikōura earthquake reflects rupture complexity along a transpressional plate boundary


Regional earthquakes followed by delayed ground uplifts at Campi Flegrei Caldera, Italy: Arguments for a causal link


Non-tectonic liquefaction-induced large surface displacements in the Aso Valley, Japan, caused by the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake, revealed by ALOS-2 SAR


Updated 5/3/17


Subducting an old subduction zone sideways provides insights into what controls plate coupling



Updated 1/24/17



Potential earthquake precursory pattern from space: The 2015 Nepal event as seen by magnetic Swarm satellites



Tidal triggering of earthquakes suggests poroelastic behavior on the San Andreas Fault



Static versus dynamic fracturing in shallow carbonate fault zones



Updated 10/25/16


Reproducing the superstar portion of the 2002 Denali earthquake rupture in laboratory 


Fast rupture for large magnitude strike-slip earthquakes 


Extreme multi-millennial slip rate variations on the Garlock fault, California: Strain super-cycles, potentially time-variable fault strength, and implications for system-level earthquake occurrence

Updated 9/7/15

High interseismic coupling in the Eastern Makran (Pakistan) subduction zone

Lowermost mantle flow at the eastern edge of the African Large Low Shear Velocity Province

Evidence for slip partitioning and bimodal slip behavior on a single fault: Surface slip characteristics of the 2013 Mw7.7 Balochistan, Pakistan earthquake

Influence of subduction history on South American topography

Automated detection and location of tectonic tremor along the entire Cascadia margin from 2005 to 2011

Weakly coupled lithospheric extension in southern Tibet

Assessing the role of slab rheology in coupled plate-mantle convection models

Geochemistry and thermodynamics of an earthquake: A case study of pseudotachylites within mylonitic granitoid

Modeling the effect of subgrain rotation recrystallization on the evolution of olivine crystal preferred orientations in simple shear

Temporal change in plate coupling and long-term slow slip events in southwestern Japan

Identification of the static backstop and its influence on the evolution of the accretionary prism in the Nankai Trough

The Mw7.9 2014 intraplate intermediate-depth Rat Islands earthquake and its relation to regional tectonics

Thermal classification of lithospheric discontinuities beneath USArray

Can grain size sensitive flow lubricate faults during the initial stages of earthquake propagation?

Far-field triggering of foreshocks near the nucleation zone of the 5 September 2012 (MW 7.6) Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica earthquake

Updated 4/4/12

Timing of low-temperature mineral formation during exhumation and cooling in the Central Alps, Switzerland
Tobias B. Weisenberger, Meinert Rahn, Roelant van der Lelij, Richard A. Spikings, Kurt Bucher


An intermediate-depth tensional earthquake (MW 5.7) and its aftershocks within the Nazca slab, central Chile: A reactivated outer rise fault?
Marianne Marot, Tony Monfret, Mario Pardo, Giorgio Ranalli, Guust Nolet


Evidence for a bimaterial interface along the Mudurnu segment of the North Anatolian Fault Zone from polarization analysis of P waves
Fatih Bulut, Yehuda Ben-Zion, Marco Bohnhoff



Megaquake cycle at the Tohoku subduction zone with thermal fluid pressurization near the surface
Yuta Mitsui, Naoyuki Kato, Yukitoshi Fukahata, Kazuro Hirahara



Global climate and tectonic controls on the denudation of glaciated mountains
Brian J. Yanites, Todd A. Ehlers


Relationship between topography, rates of extension and mantle dynamics in the actively-extending Italian Apennines
J.P. Faure Walker, G.P. Roberts, P.A. Cowie, I. Papanikolaou, A.M. Michetti, P. Sammonds, M. Wilkinson, K.J.W. McCaffrey, R.J. Phillips



Fault-trapped waves depict continuity of the fault system responsible for the 6 April 2009 MW 6.3 L'Aquila earthquake, central Italy
Giovanna Calderoni, Rita Di Giovambattista, Paola Vannoli, Stefania Pucillo, Antonio Rovelli



On the origin of the asthenosphere
Shun-ichiro Karato



Toward understanding tectonic control on the Mw 8.8 2010 Maule Chile earthquake
M. Moreno, D. Melnick, M. Rosenau, J. Baez, J. Klotz, O. Oncken, A. Tassara, J. Chen, K. Bataille, M. Bevis, A. Socquet, J. Bolte, C. Vigny, B. Brooks, I. Ryder, V. Grund, B. Smalley, D. Carrizo, M. Bartsch, H. Hase, et al.



Seismic evidence of bending and unbending of subducting oceanic crust and the presence of mantle megathrust in the 2004 Great Sumatra earthquake rupture zone
Satish C. Singh, Ajay P.S. Chauhan, Andrew J. Calvert, Nugroho D. Hananto, Dibakar Ghosal, Abhishek Rai, Helene Carton



The age and rate of displacement along the Main Central Thrust in the western Bhutan Himalaya
Tobgay Tobgay, Nadine McQuarrie, Sean Long, Matthew J. Kohn, Stacey L. Corrie


Repeated slope failure linked to fluid migration: The Ana submarine landslide complex, Eivissa Channel, Western Mediterranean Sea

Pages 65-74
Christian Berndt, Sergio Costa, Miquel Canals, Angelo Camerlenghi, Ben de Mol, Martin Saunders



Updated 2/1/12


Plate motions, Andean orogeny, and volcanism above the South Atlantic convection cell

Laurent Hussonab Clinton P. Conradc, Claudio Faccennad


Experimental modelling of ground deformation associated with shallow magma intrusions

Olivier Galland


Rupture speed and slip velocity: What can we learn from simulated earthquakes?

Andrea Bizzarri


Formation of conical fractures in sedimentary basins: Experiments involving pore fluids and implications for sandstone intrusion mechanisms

R. Mourguesa, , D. Bureaua, L. Bodetc, A. Gayb, J.B. Gressiera


Updated 9/19/2011


Lithology and internal structure of the San Andreas fault at depth based on characterization of Phase 3 whole-rock core in the San Andreas Fault Observatory at Depth (SAFOD) borehole
In Press, Corrected ProofAvailable online 18 August 2011
Kelly K. Bradbury, James P. Evans, Judith S. Chester, Frederick M. Chester, David L. Kirschner


Volume 308, Issues 3-4:


Gently dipping normal faults identified with Space Shuttle radar topography data in central Sulawesi, Indonesia, and some implications for fault mechanics
Volume 308, Issues 3-4, Pages 267-276
Jon E. Spencer


Initiation of the great Mw 9.0 Tohoku–Oki earthquake
Pages 277-283
Risheng Chu, Shengji Wei, Don V. Helmberger, Zhongwen Zhan, Lupei Zhu, Hiroo Kanamori


Pulverized fault rocks and damage asymmetry along the Arima-Takatsuki Tectonic Line, Japan
Pages 284-297
T.M. Mitchell, Y. Ben-Zion, T. Shimamoto


Volume 308, Issues 1-2:

Experimental constraints on energy partitioning during stick–slip and stable sliding within analog fault gouge
Pages 185-192
Patrick M. Fulton, Andrew P. Rathbun



Volume 307, Issues 3-4

An experimental study of the effects of surface tension in homogenizing perturbations in melt fraction
Pages 349-360
Daniel S.H. King, Saswata Hier-Majumder, David L. Kohlstedt


Estimation of coseismic deformation and a fault model of the 2010 Yushu earthquake using PALSAR interferometry data
Pages 430-438
Mikio Tobita, Takuya Nishimura, Tomokazu Kobayashi, Ken Xiansheng Hao, Yoshikuni Shindo


Transient rifting north of the Galápagos Triple Junction
Pages 461-469
Garrett A. Mitchell, Laurent G.J. Montési, Wenlu Zhu, Deborah K. Smith, Hans Schouten


India's hidden inputs to Tibetan orogeny revealed by Hf isotopes of Transhimalayan zircons and host rocks
Pages 479-486
Mei-Fei Chu, Sun-Lin Chung, Suzanne Y. O'Reilly, Norman J. Pearson, Fu-Yuan Wu, Xian-Hua Li, Dunyi Liu, Jianqing Ji, Chiu-Hong Chu, Hao-Yang Lee


Earthquake supercycles in Central Italy, inferred from 36Cl exposure dating
Pages 487-500
A. Schlagenhauf, I. Manighetti, L. Benedetti, Y. Gaudemer, R. Finkel, J. Malavieille, K. Pou


Volume 307, Issues 1-2, Pages 1-240 (1 July 2011)  


NW Iran-eastern Turkey present-day kinematics: Results from the Iranian permanent GPS network
Pages 27-34
Yahya Djamour, Philippe Vernant, Hamid Reza Nankali, Farrokh Tavakoli


Brittle creep in basalt and its application to time-dependent volcano deformation
Pages 71-82
M.J. Heap, P. Baud, P.G. Meredith, S. Vinciguerra, A.F. Bell, I.G. Main


Revealing the deep structure and rupture plane of the 2010 Maule, Chile earthquake (Mw = 8.8) using wide angle seismic data
Pages 147-155
Eduardo Moscoso, Ingo Grevemeyer, Eduardo Contreras-Reyes, Ernst R. Flueh, Yvonne Dzierma, Wolfgang Rabbel, Martin Thorwart


Implications of the thermal properties and kinetic parameters of dehydroxylation of mica minerals for fault weakening, frictional heating, and earthquake energetics
Pages 161-172
Tetsuro Hirono, Wataru Tanikawa


Stress evolution before and after the 2008 Wenchuan, China earthquake
Pages 222-232
Suleyman S. Nalbant, John McCloskey


Misoriented faults in exhumed metamorphic complexes: Rule or exception?
Pages 233-239
Matteo Massironi, Andrea Bistacchi, Luca Menegon


Volume 306, Issues 3-4, Pages 137-312 (15 June 2011)  


Temperature variations of constitutive parameters can significantly affect the fault dynamics
Pages 272-278
Andrea Bizzarri






Direct magnetic signals from earthquake rupturing: Iwate-Miyagi earthquake of M 7.2, Japan  
Pages 65-72
Kan Okubo, Nobunao Takeuchi, Mitsuru Utsugi, Kiyohumi Yumoto, Yoichi Sasai


Exhumational variability within the Himalaya of northwest India  
Pages 103-114
A. Deeken, R.C. Thiede, E.R. Sobel, J.K. Hourigan, M.R. Strecker


Deformation of a crystalline aggregate with a small percentage of high-dihedral-angle liquid: Implications for core–mantle differentiation during planetary formation  
Pages 124-134
N.P. Walte, D.C. Rubie, P.D. Bons, D.J. Frost


Consolidation and overpressure near the seafloor in the Ursa Basin, Deepwater Gulf of Mexico  
Pages 11-20
H. Long, P.B. Flemings, J.T. Germaine, D.M. Saffer


Boron isotopic composition of mud volcano fluids: Implications for fluid migration in shallow subduction zones  
Pages 32-44
Hung-Chun Chao, Chen-Feng You, Bo-Shian Wang, Chuan-Hsiung Chung, Kuo-Fang Huang


Smectite to chlorite conversion by frictional heating along a subduction thrust  
Pages 161-170
Jun Kameda, Kohtaro Ujiie, Asuka Yamaguchi, Gaku Kimura


Thermal weakening localizes intraplate deformation along the southern Australian continental margin  
Pages 207-214
Simon P. Holford, Richard R. Hillis, Martin Hand, Mike Sandiford


Earthquake swarms in circum-Pacific subduction zones  
Pages 215-225
S.G. Holtkamp, M.R. Brudzinski





Belt-parallel mantle flow beneath a halted continental collision: The Western Alps  
Pages 429-438
Guilhem Barruol, Mickael Bonnin, Helle Pedersen, Götz H.R. Bokelmann, Christel Tiberi


Metastable olivine wedge and deep dry cold slab beneath southwest Japan  
Pages 1-10
Hitoshi Kawakatsu, Shoichi Yoshioka


Partitioning of localized and diffuse deformation in the Tibetan Plateau from joint inversions of geologic and geodetic observations  
Pages 11-24
J.P. Loveless, B.J. Meade


Spatial controls on erosion in the Three Rivers Region, southeastern Tibet and southwestern China  
Pages 71-83
Amanda C. Henck, Katharine W. Huntington, John O. Stone, David R. Montgomery, Bernard Hallet


A naturally constrained stress profile through the middle crust in an extensional terrane  
Pages 181-192
Whitney M. Behr, John P. Platt


Monitoring aseismic surface creep along the North Anatolian Fault (Turkey) using ground-based LIDAR  
Pages 64-70
V. Karabacak, E. Altunel, Z. Cakir


Experiments on buoyancy-driven crack around the brittle–ductile transition  
Pages 337-346
Ikuro Sumita, Yukari Ota


Evolution of dilatant fracture networks in a normal fault — Evidence from 4D model experiments  
Pages 399-406
Marc Holland, Heijn van Gent, Loïc Bazalgette, Najwa Yassir, Eilard H. Hoogerduijn Strating, Janos L. Urai