In Press, Accepted Manuscript 12 February 2015

Tectonic significance of serpentinites

S. Guillot, S. Schwartz, B. Reynard, P. Agard, C. Prigent


Highlights: •The role of serpentinites in various tectonic settings is reviewed •Serpentinite is a weak rock that localizes deformation in lithospheric shear zones •In oceanic domains, mantle is exhumed along serpentinized fault zones •Serpentinized layers at the subduction interface favour stagnant wedge corner •Active strike-slip faults may creep when serpentinized

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Articles in Press 15 October 2014

Pre-eruptive ground deformation of Azerbaijan mud volcanoes detected through satellite radar interferometry (DInSAR)

Benedetta Antonielli, Oriol Monserrat, Marco Bonini, Gaia Righini, Federico Sani, Guido Luzi, Akper A. Feyzullayev, Chingiz S. Aliyev


Highlights: •A step forward in understanding mud volcano dynamics •Applying the DInSAR technique for the study of mud volcanoes of Azerbaijan •Detection of deformation events during both pre-eruptive and quiescence phases •Mud and magmatic volcanoes display similarities in ground deformation patterns.

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A review of mechanical models of dike propagation: Schools of thought, results and future directions

Accepted Manuscript

E. Rivalta, B. Taisne, A. Bunger, R. Katz


Highlights: •Review of recent observations and mechanical models related to dike propagation •Critical comparison of the fracture- and viscous-dominated modeling approaches •Results and emerging research directions from numerical modeling •Insight into diking from observations and models of hydraulic fracturing

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Vol 634, 5 November 2014 Research Articles

Seismicity change revealed by ETAS, PI, and Z-value methods: A case study of the 2013 Nantou, Taiwan earthquake

pp 139-155

Masashi Kawamura, Chien-chih Chen, Yih-Min Wu


Highlights: •We examined precursory seismicity change of the March 2013 Nantou earthquake. •We applied three statistical models to the earthquake data in Taiwan region. •They comprise the ETAS model, the pattern informatics method, and the Z-value test. •Seismic quiescence regions were found over broader regions outside the source area. •It would be due to precursory slip on fault plane of the Nantou event.

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Tectonophysics Fall 2013

Vol 607, pp 1-114 (11 Nov. 2013), Special Issue on young rifted margins, especially Gulf of Aden,

Of interest from Vol 607 young rifted margin issue regarding classification of oceanic transform faults:

N. Bellahsen, S. Leroy, J. Autin, P. Razin, E. d'Acremont, H. Sloan, R. Pik, A. Ahmed, K. Khanbari, Pre-existing oblique transfer zones and transfer/transform relationships in continental margins: New insights from the southeastern Gulf of Aden, Socotra Island, Yemen,

Vol 606, pp 1-212 (23 Oct. 2013), Special Issue on Chinese deep lithosphere,

Vol 605, pp 1-168 (11 Oct. 2013), Slope Tectonics: Structures and Slope Failures,

Of possible interest to Active Tectonics group members from Vol 605 slope failure issue:

Michel Jaboyedoff, Ivanna Penna, Andrea Pedrazzini, Ivo Baro\u0148, Giovanni B. Crosta, An introductory review on gravitational-deformation induced structures, fabrics and modeling,