Paleoseismic Analysis of the South Flank of Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii

M.S. Thesis
December 1999

Eric C. Cannon
Roland Bürgmann (primary thesis advisor)
James S. McClain and Robert J. Twiss (committee members)

Looking west toward Puu Kapukapu from Keahou Landing, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

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This data archive contains three sessions of field work, electronic copies of my thesis, and data tables. Files were transfered from an iMac to Unix platform using Fetch 3.0. ASCII Text files were tranferred using the TEXT setting, and Microsoft Office (Word *.doc, Excel *.xls, PowerPoint *.pp), Adobe Acrobat *.PDF, and other non-ASCII files were transfered using the MacBinary II setting. If you cannot find a file format that works for you, please contact us.

  • M.S. Thesis

    Several file versions of M.S. thesis

  • Fracture Data

    Data files for 1975 Kalapana earthquake and prehistoric fault offsets

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