Width Vector data

File Format

Column 1: Longitude (WGS-84 decimal degrees)
Column 2: Latitude (WGS-84 decimal degrees)
Column 3: East component of fracture width (meters)
Column 4: North component of fracture width (meters)
Column 5: zero value
Column 6: zero value
Column 7: zero value
Column 8: Point ID (see explanation)

Width measurements are estimated by measuring the total distance across a fracture from footwall to hangingwall (measurements are perpendicular to fracture trend). Plunge of the width measurement was not recorded. Whereas total width is a 3-D vector in the field, for ease of representation the total magnitude of width has been rotated into a horizontal plane (usually a few degrees to a few 10's of degrees). Width measurements in the following data files are represented by east and north (horizontal) components. Error estimates for east and north components are probably less than one centimeter each.

Data Files

  • Fracture width measurements on Apua Pali
  • Fracture width measurements on Holei Pali
  • Fracture width measurements on Poliokeawe Pali

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