Synthetic Aperture Radar Interferometry.

A very good introduction to all aspects of SAR interferometry including an extensive list of references can be found at the JPL site.The most extensive and detailed pages on SAR interferometry are probably those maintained by the Alaska SAR Facility.

Other informative SAR sites :

From the above mentioned sites and some others we have compiled a small tour which introduces the reader to the basic aspects of Radar interferometry.
  1. The imaging radar.
  2. A SAR primer.
  3. Baselines. How to get the correct image pairs.
  4. The ESA homepage. You can find information about the DESCW software for choosing image pairs from ERS1 and 2.
  5. SAR references.
Applications :

Other interesting issues :

  • Precise Orbits from the Delft Institute.
  • Long time scale INSAR.
  • Multilook processing.