Data and Models of 1999 Izmit and Düzce Earthquakes

August 17, 1999 Izmit Earthquake

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Reilinger, R.E., S. Ergintav, R. Bürgmann, S. McClusky, O. Lenk, A. Barka, O. Gurkan, L. Hearn, K. L. Feigl, R. Cakmak, B. Aktug, H. Ozener, M.N. Töksoz, Coseismic and postseismic fault slip for the 17 August 1999, M=7.5, Izmit, Turkey Earthquake Science , 289, 1519-1524, 2000.   (View online) (Supplementary published material. Includes coseismic GPS displacements, postseismic GPS displacements and model resolution tests)

Please contact Kurt Feigl for the models and data presented in:
Feigl, K.L., Sarti, F., Vadon, H., McClusky, S., Ergintav, S., Durand, P., Bürgmann, R., Rigo, A., Massonnet, D., and Reilinger, R. , Estimating slip distribution for the Izmit mainshock from coseismic GPS and INSAR measurements, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 92, 138-160, 2002.   (Download PDF version)

Postseismic Deformation Following the August 17, 1999 Izmit Earthquake

Movie of time dependent afterslip following the August 17 Izmit earthquake, up to the day before the November 12, 1999 Düzce earthquake. The slip models are inverted from GPS data collected during this time period.

Click here to view the movie in .mpg format.

Bürgmann, R., S. Ergintav, P. Segall, E.H. Hearn, S. McClusky, R.E. Reilinger, H. Woith, and J. Zschau, Time-space Variable Afterslip on and Deep Below the Izmit Earthquake Rupture, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 92, 126-137, 2002.   (Download PDF version)

Please contact Semih Ergintav and Liz Hearn for the data and models presented in:
Ergintav, S., R. Bürgmann, S. McClusky, L. Hearn, R.E. Reilinger, B. A., H. Meteris, B. Aktuk, O. Gurkan, H. Ozener, R. Cakmak, and N. Yalcin, Postseismic deformation following Izmit Earthquake, 17 August 1999, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 92, 194-207, 2002.   (Download PDF version)

Hearn, E.H., R. Bürgmann, and R. Reilinger, Dynamics of Izmit Earthquake Postseismic Deformation and Loading of the Düzce Earthquake Hypocenter, Bull. Seismol. Soc. Am., 92, 172-193, 2002.   (Download PDF version)

November 12, 1999 Düzce Earthquake