Aseismic Slip and Fault Interaction from Repeating Earthquakes in the Loma Prieta Aftershock Zone

Figure 1: Background seismicity in gray points, newly discovered repeaters in black circles (inset). Boxes show extensions of existing catalog. Stars show epicenters of LP EQ and 2004 Parkļ¬eld event.

Project Summary Along creeping sections of the San Andreas and other faults, small asperities in the fault zone load and fail in characteristic repeating earthquake sequences. By calculating their slip based on moment magnitude, they can be used as sub-surface creepmeters. We are using these virtual creepmeters to examine and compare slip rates on the creeping section of the San Andreas Fault (SAF) and on the associated nearby faults.

Tools Waveform data from the Northern California Earthquake Data Center

Geographic Location San Andreas and Sargent Faults near San Juan Bautista

Group Members Involved Ryan C. Turner <Email> <Personal Web Site>
Robert M. Nadeau, Roland Bürgmann

Project Duration 2011-2013