Barnes Ice Cap: an InSAR study of post-glacial rebound/FONT>

Barnes Ice Cap DEM (interferograms coming soon!)

Project Summary The objective of this study is to determine the elastic properties of the lithosphere in Baffin Island Canada by observing and modeling the lithospheric response to the rapid melting of the Barnes ice cap. We anticipate a substantial vertical deformation signal is present due to the glaciodynamics associated with Barnes ice cap. In order to observe this signal we plan to assemble multiple interferograms from the regional SAR acquisitions dating from 1991. The magnitude, spatial extent, temporal evolution, and thinning rate estimates can be modeled to constrain the regional elastic properties of the lithosphere surrounding Barnes ice cap. Additionally, a study of this nature would help to inform the debate on the roles of and interaction between the crust and upper mantle in supporting topographic loads.

Tools InSAR

Geographic Location Barnes Ice Cap, Baffin Island, Canada

Group Members Involved Amanda Thomas <Email> <Web Site>
Isabelle Ryder
Roland Burgmann

Project Duration April 2008 - current