Fault Structure and Kinematics From Characteristically Repeating Earthquakes:
San Andreas / Calaveras Fault Juncture

Project Summary We first relocated seismicity at the juncture of these two major faults to determine the subsurface seismic structure. Next we identified characteristically repeating earthquakes (CREs) using waveform cross-correlation techniques to investigate how slip at depth is being partitioned in this complex juncture zone. CREs are earthquakes with extremely similar waveforms that we believe are caused by repeated slip on the same fault zone patch. Essentially, our method treats each CRE sequence as a "creepmeter" at depth and derives a slip rate estimate at the location of the earthquake.
Tools Double-difference earthquake relocation program (hypoDD),  waveform cross-correlation techniques
Geographic Location Juncture of the San Andreas and Southern Calaveras Faults, California
Group Members Involved Dennise Templeton <Email> <Personal Web Site>
Robert Nadeau <Email
Project Duration 2000 - ongoing
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