Active Tectonics group in summer 2012

Active Tectonics group members in summer of 2012. From left to right: Ryan Turner, Julien Cohen-Waeber, Kim Blisniuk, Colin Amos, Mong-han Huang, Roland Burgmann, Max Rudolph, Ingrid Johansen, Amanda Thomas, Ronni Grapenthin, Manoochehr Shirzaei. Not in picture: Kelly Wiseman and Brent Delbridge

2012 Faculty Award for Excellence in Postdoctoral Mentoring

Professor B├╝rgmann wins Postdoctoral Mentoring Award

2012 Berkeley Hills Fun Run

Photos by Mong-Han Huang

Field Campaigns of 2007

Calaveras Fault campaign, led by Eileen Evans
Bodega/Tomales Bay San Andreas Fault campaign, led by Romain Jolivet
Creeping segment of the San Andreas Fault campaign, led by Isabelle Ryder