Christopher W Johnson


Instructor for Sally Ride Science, UC San Diego Extension

Library NExT Instructor for pre-college classes hosted at San Diego public libraries 2018-presnt

Sally Ride Science Junior Academy One-week summer program instructor Summer 2018

Being an instructor for SRS is a rewarding experince that provides the opportunity to interact with middle and high students. We explore topics on geology in California, discuss geophysics and the educational training necessary to pursue careers in science and engineering, and perform experiments to demonstate the basics of faulting and earthquakes.



Birch Aquarium 2018 ShakeOut!

Interact with guests to explain the ShakeOut program and hazards associeted with strong ground shaking



Middle School Classroom Activities

EPS Department Coordinator for Bay Area Science in Schools outreach program organized by Community Resources for Science ( from 2015-2017.

Develop new lesson plans about earthquakes, faulting, earthquake safety, and preparedness for the 6th – 8th grade level.

Travel to local middle schools, with a focus on underrepresented communities, and give 1-2 hour lessons with a lab component on earthquake faulting, liquefaction, and safety.

Provide professional development seminars for elementary and middle school teachers covering general Earth science and earthquake safety.

Lead activities for the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory outreach program for visitors.



Appearances in Popular Media
UNAVCO March 2016 Annual Workshop Ingite Talk - YouTube Link

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San Andreas Fault Earthquakes Are Triggered by Winter Rain and Snow, Scientists Discover, Hannah Osborne, Newsweek, 06/15/2017

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