Deformation of the Hilina Fault System
Hawaii Volcanoes National Park

Eric Cannon
University of Colorado, Boulder
Matthew A. d'Alessio
University of California, Berkeley
Roland Bürgmann
University of California, Berkeley


  • Proposal

  • Notes
  • Site Descriptions
  • d'Alessio 2001 Field Notes (PDF, 7 MB)
  • Cannon 2001 Field Notes (PDF)
  • All Photographs
  • 2001 Field Logistics

  • 2001 Survey Results
  • RTK Data Files
  • Static Data Files
  • Log Sheets

  • Future
  • Interseismic Velocities
  • Coseismic Offsets

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    This project is conducted with permission from the National Park Service and in cooperation with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory of the US Geological Survey