Large earthquakes and tsunamis

I’m interested in all things seismic but I'm particularly intersted in large earthquakes and the tsunamis they make. I study these large events with old and new source imaging techniques and inverse methods that include on-shore and off-shore data.

I also enjoy working on real-time applications of seismology such as earthquake early warning, tsunami early warning and monitoring of engineered structures.


  • 2014 - Ph.D. Geophysics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • 2010 - M.Sc. Geophysics, Scripps Institution of Oceanography
  • 2009 - B.Eng. Geophysics, Unviersidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico


Peer Reviewed

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Data sets

  • D. Melgar, Pantoli, E., Restrepo, J., Bock, Y. (2013). Displacement Acquisition for the NEESR:BNCS Building Shaketable Test via GPS Sensors, Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation (distributor), Dataset, doi:10.4231/D3V97ZR5H. (link)






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