EPS 50
EPS 50

Lecture Notes

The following are PDF-format files of slides shown in class, which you can print out and use to take notes on in class. You will need a user name and password to access the files. E-mail dreger@seismo.berkeley.edu to get those, if you weren't at the first class meeting.

The notes become available before class to print out for note taking (bold links indicate that files are available). You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to open these files.

These notes are being updated and will be available the week before each lecture (links will be stale before then). Please be sure to check the day before class to see if there is a newer version

  1. Introductory lecture I: Introduction to EPS050

  2. Lecture 1: Building a Planet
  3. Lecture 2: Minerals - Building Blocks of Rocks
  4. Lecture 3: Rocks - Records of Geological Processes
  5. Lecture 4: Weathering, Soils and Erosion
  6. Lecture 5: Igneous Rocks: From Melts to Solids
  7. Lecture 6: Volcanoes and Volcanic Rocks
  8. Lecture 7: Sediments and Sedimentary Rocks
  9. Lecture 8: Metamorphic Rocks
  10. Lecture 9: The Rock Record and the Geologic Time Scale
  11. Lecture 10: Folds, Faults, and Other Records of Rock Deformation
  12. Lecture 11: Evolution and Tectonics of the Continents
  13. Lecture 12: Earthquakes I: Measuring Eartquakes
  14. Lecture 13: Earthquakes II
  15. Lecture 14: Exploring Earth's Interior
  16. Lecture 15: Mass Wasting
  17. Lecture 16: The Hydrologic Cycle and Groundwater
  18. Lecture 17: Rivers: Transport to the Oceans
  19. Lecture 18: Winds and Deserts
  20. Lecture 19: Glaciers: The Work of Ice
  21. Lecture 20: Earth Beneath the Oceans 
  22. Lecture 21: Landscapes: Tectonic and Climate Interactions
  23. Lecture 22: Energy & Mineral Resources
  24. Lecture 23: Earth Systems and Cycles
  25. Lecture 24: Life in our Solar System

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