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EPS 20 assignment:
Earthquake location and magnitude

In this exercise you will locate an earthquake and determine its magnitude. The exercise should be completed online at:


Under "Main activities" are three buttons: Demonstration, Travel Time, and Epicenter and Magnitude. Work your way through both the Travel Time and Epicenter and Magnitude exercises.

On completion of both exercises you will be prompted to take a short quiz. Be sure to enter your name and the classcode which is 2249751 (for Summer 2014).

On completion of the quiz you will be presented with a certificate and a list of your answers to the questions. Print out this webpage and hand it in by the due date.

Browser issues and tips
You will most likely be able to complete this online exercise using your normal web browser, but here are some tips in case you run into problems:

  • Popup blocker must be disabled
    If you click on "Travel Time" or "Epicenter & Magnitude" and nothing happens, it means pop-ups are blocked. Use google to figure out how to fix this for your specific browser.
  • A current version of Java must be installed and enabled
  • It may take a while for the Java modules to load, be patient.
  • Try using Safari if you can't get it working on Firefox, and try Firefox if you're having trouble with Safari
  • Mac users should close all other tabs/windows before doing the exercise
  • If you have a problem where you can't type in the boxes, save your work and reload the excercise.
  • If any part of the exercise or assesment isn't loading properly, save your work and quit and reopen your browser.
  • On a mac, if you get a message that says “Application blocked by security settings”, do the following:
    click “OK” on the “Application blocked by security settings” message
    Open “System Preferences”
    Click on “Java”
    Another window with the “Java Control Panel” will open
    Click on the button at the top that says “Security”
    Move the slider down to “Medium”
    Quit Safari and then open it again (this is important!)
    Now when you go to the assignment website, you will get a box asking you if you want to run Java for that website. Click “Run”
    When you’re all done with the assignment, you can change your settings back.