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Seismic Hazard
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EPS20 - Earthquakes in your Backyard - Session 1, Summer 2014
Date Topic Reading Homework due
27-May California's earthquakes and other natural disasters Earthquake Safety 101  
29-May 1906 and the future Hayward Earthquake Bolt Ch. 1 Reisner pp. 85 - 111  
3-Jun Faults, earthquakes and where they occur Bolt Ch. 2 & 3 Assignment #1 due
5-Jun Field Trip: The Hayward Fault   Assignment #2 due
10-Jun Plate Tectonics and the Earthquake Cycle Bolt Ch. 4 & pp. 142 - 152  
12-Jun Midterm   Field Trip report due
17-Jun Seismology I: Information from Seismic Waves Bolt Ch. 5 & 6  
19-Jun Seismology II: Magnitude and Energy Bolt Ch. 8  
24-Jun Earthquake Multihazards: Liquefaction, Landslides and Tsunamis Bolt Ch. 9 & 11 Assignment #3 due
26-Jun Field Trip: Campus Retrofit Tour Bolt Ch. 12  
1-Jul Prediction, Forecasting, and Earthquake Early Warning Bolt pp. 153 - 157 & Ch. 10 Assignment #4 due
3-Jul Final Exam    
*Assignments are due in class on the day listed. If you are unable to make it to class, please drop your work off in the class mailbox in McCone Hall room 340.
Instructor: Ingrid Johanson Email: ingrid@seismo.berkeley.edu Office: 217 McCone
Office Hours: Wednesdays 2-4pm Room: McCone 217 or 220
This syllabus is subject to change! Visit the class website on bSpace for an up-to-date version!
Updated 26 May 2014