dflow videos

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Here are a selection of short (usually 10 seconds or less) videos taken of the rotating drum in action. The videos were taken with a Canon Powershot A40 and converted from .avi to .mpg. The .mpg files are compact and therefore the resolution is not great. I do not suggest trying to look at a view more than 100% (~ 10cm).

If you don't have an .mpg viewer I recommend Irfanview (PC) because it has many other capabilites. Windows Media player also should work.

  • basic phenomena
  • side views
  • top (plan views)

    basic phenomena

    Dry flows

  • gravel before sand (gravel maintains position downslope of sand. flow is towards bottom of screen)
  • wall effect and size segregation (gravel accumulates at front and sides)
  • side view of size segregation (apparent snout from the side wall)
  • surging, sliding, segregation, convection (large clasts pushed along front, side wall causes large effects)

    side views

  • dry gravel  
  • wet gravel  
  • dry gravel and sand (guest appearance by brent)  
  • moist gravel and sand: a locked mass  
  • dry sand: almost fluid-like  
  • wet sand: conveyor-belt-like motion

    top (plan) views  

  • dry gravel: a bunch of pixels with an energetic front  
  • wet gravel: lateral side-wall-influenced convection  
  • slurry (sand, gravel, clay, water): the blob  
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