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disclaimer: there may be mistakes.  if you see a mistake, tell me please.

Arc info examples
  • Two examples of reprojecting line files in arcinfo.

            arc1.txt (Taiwan UTM to general UTM)
            arc2.txt (UTM to lat/lon)

  • ken's basin-analysis stuff in arcinfo [.doc]
  • DisModel
  • [.txt] defining FaultGeom
  • GMT
  • [.txt] for lat/lon to UTM conversion of point files
  • InSAR
  • [.txt] of useful commands
  • descw instructions [.txt]
  • envi profile instructions [.txt]
  • Longitudinal profiles and DEMs
  • [.html] Shortcourse materials @ geomorphtools.org
  • [.html] ASU LIDAR shortcourse materials
  • [.txt] collect data from an instrument connected to your computer's serial port
  • [.html] my random matlab posts
  • References
  • [.html] of online callnumbers for geomorph-related journals at UC Berkeley
  • [.txt] of reference list, searchable by topic (debris flows, Taiwan)
  • SRTM
  • [.txt] to make a GMT-ready .grd file from the downloadable SRTM .hgt files
  • Other

  • some documentation of instruments, etc.

    last modified 09 feb 2010