Current students and postdocs

Xiaojing Fu (postdoc): geological fluid mechanics

Mara Hartley Reed (graduate student): geysers

Noah Randolph-Flagg (graduate student): hydrothermal processes

Robert Citron (graduate student): internal evolution of Mars and its interaction with the atmosphere

Steve Breen (graduate student): multiphase flow in porous media

Elizbeth Lu, Dr. Helge Gonnermann (now faculty member at Rice), Michael Manga at the EPS graduation, May 2004

Former students and postdocs

Graduate students:

Kristen Fauria (now faculty at Vanderbilt): mechanics of pyroclastic density currents and submarine eruptions

Carolina Munoz (now postdoc at Univ Chile): geysers and geothermal systems

Max Rudolph (now faculty at UC Davis): fracture and stresses in planetary ice shells, mud rheology and mud volcano eruptions, geysers

Leif Karlstrom (now faculty at University of Oregon): eruption of flood basalts, dynamics of lava lakes, magma chamber - volcano interactions, geysers

Alyssa Sarid Rhoden (now Southwest Research Institute): Europa tectonics

Edwin Kite (now faculty at University of Chicago): super Earth's, Martian geodynamics and surface history

Christian Huber (now faculty at Brown): caldera forming eruptions, plume-slab interactions, Lattice-Boltzmann methods

Helge Gonnermann (now faculty at Rice University); why do volcanoes erupt explosively? experimental studies of mantle convection

Alison Rust (now faculty at Bristol Univ): rheology of bubbly magmas and lavas; using deformed bubbles to determine strain rate and flow type; formation of tube pumice

Martin Saar (now faculty at ETH); percolation theory and the yield strength of subliquidus basalts; using temperature measurements to study groundwater flow; earthquakes induced by groundwater recharge

Jim Watkins (now faculty at University of Oregon): plume-slab interactions, water disffusion in obsidian <

Mark Wenzel (now state of California); evolution of the Martian interior, dynamics in D"

Jon Castro (now faculty at Mainz): obsidian flow dynamics

Taylor Perron (now faculty at MIT): oceans on Mars?

Joel Rowland (now researcher at Los Alamos): springs along the Bay Area faults

Robin Beebee (now with the Forest Service in Alaska): controls on the timing of volume of snowmelt in the Pacific Northwest

Chad Dorsey (now The Concord Consortium): gravity currents

Bretagne Hygelund (MSc; now park naturalist Deschutes County); hydraulic and geomorphic effects of large woody debris in streams (Photo of the Cultus River, OR, a spring-fed river with lots of stable wood)

Liz James (MSc): hydrogeology of the Oregon Cascades

Maria Brumm (MSc, now living in Seattle): heat flow in the Sierras, earthquake triggering of the Lusi mud volcano eruption

Dayanthie Weeraratne (MSc, now faculty at Cal State Northridge): mantle convection


Doug Hemingway (postdoc, now postdoc at the Carnegie Institution): icy satellites

Ben Black (now faculty at CUNY): magma transport and storage, climate effects of eruptions

Ben Andrews (now Smithsonian): pyroclastic density currents and magma mixing

Isamu Matsuyama (now faculty at Univ Arizona): rotational dynamics of solid bodies

Joe Dufek (now faculty at Univ Oregon): pyclastic flow dynamics, Martian maars, melt focussing by magma chambers

Emily Brodsky (now faculty at UC Santa Cruz); the response of wells to distant earthquakes, volcano-earthquake interactions

Mark Jellinek (now faculty at Univ British Columbia); experimental studies of mantle convection, periodicity of volcanic eruptions

Rebecca Carey (now faculty University of Tasmania): textures of volcanic rocks

Bruno Cagnoli (now INGV in Rome); mechanics of pyroclastic flows

Tim Creyts (now researcher at Lamont): subglacial hydrology

Yoshiko Ogawa (now faculty at Kobe University): hydrothermal processes on Mars

Maurizio Battaglia (now USGS): geodynamics of Long Valley caldera

Sarah Zaranek (now with Mathworks): thermal evolution of Mars, convection below the continental lithosphere

Atsuko Namiki (now faculty at Hiroshima University): fragmentation of bubbly liquids

Wim DeGruyter (now faculty at Cardiff): pumice and conduit processes

Benoit Cordonnier (now in Zurich): magma rheology

John Hernlund (now at ELSI): the basal magma ocean, now a researcher at ELSI Japan

Allen Hunt (now at Wright State University): motion of bubbles in porous media

Janire Prudencio (now Univ Grenada): seismic attenuation imaging

Barbara Tripoli: effects of deformation on crystallization and magma rheology


Dakota Churchill: using silica sinters to study hydrothermal systems

Theresa Sawi (now graduate student at Columbia): effects of earthquakes on volcanic eruptions

Esther Adelstein (now graduate student at UC Santa Cruz): lab studies of geysers

Cansu Culha (now graduate student at Stanford): Europa's tectonics

Veronika Soukhovitskaya (now at LBNL): mass wasting on Mars: wet or dry?

Ellen Knappe (now graduate student at Univ Montana):mud rheology

Sam Birch (now graduate student at Cornell): wet granular materials

Aaron Tran: mud volcanoes

Jan Stark: bubbles in porous media

Nathanael Schaeffer (trying to make a dynamo in France): experimental studies of mantle convection

Antoine Sinton: tectonics on Europa

Michael Boone: hydrologic response to earthquakes; energetics of pyroclastic flows

Some other collaborators, past and present

Kenny Befus (Baylor): rhyolite volcanism and residual stress in crystals

Brittany Brand (Boise State): explosive mafic voclanism

Chloe Michaut (IPGP Paris): Europa tectonics

Ameeta Patel: thermal quenching and abrasion of pumice

Shaul Hurwitz (USGS): geysers

Rob Sohn (MIT): geysers

Fukashi Maeno (Univ Tokyo): turbidity currents

Matt Hornbach (Southern Methodist): IODP 340 science

Simon Cox (GNS New Zealand): earthquake hydrology

Chi Wang (Berkeley faculty): earthquake hydrology

Rob Lillis (researcher SSL, UC Berkeley): history of Martian dynamo

Kathy Cashman (Univ Oregon and then Bristol); volcanology

Adrian Lenardic (Professor at Rice); plumes and plate tectonics

Francis Nimmo (UC Santa Cruz): diapirism on Europa (Picture of domes, courtesy of NASA)

Dorothy Koch (Yale): once a geodynamicist, now atmospheric scientist (check out our cover picture for Geophysical Research Letters)

Marshall Gannett (USGS, Portland) and Ken Lite (Oregon Water Resource Department): hydrogeology of the Deschutes River Basin

Richard Davies (Univ Durham), Mark Tingay (Univ Adelaide) and Richard Swarbrick (Geopressure Technology): eruption of the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia

Jerry Mitrovica (Univ Toronto): polar wander on Mars

James Roberts (Applied Physics Lab): thermal effects of impacts on Mars

Mike Martin (Advanced Light Source, LBNL): water diffusion in volcanic glasses

Eric Gaidos (Univ Hawaii): super-Earths

Herb Frey (NASA Goddard): impacts on Mars and the history of the Martian dynamo

Tim Rose (LLNL): springs

Olivier Bachmann (ETH Switzerland): evolution of large magma chambers

Julia Hammer (Hawaii): experimental models of vesiculation

Former advisors

Jafar Arkani-Hamed (McGill): my undergraduate advisor

Rick O'Connell (Harvard, Earth and Planetary Sciences): one of my two PhD avisors

Howard Stone (Harvard, Applied Sciences): one of my two PhD advisors

Raymond Jeanloz (UC Berkeley): postdoc advisor

Michael with Thorsten Becker (at the German embassy), one of Rick O'Connell's other former graduate students


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