Current students and postdocs

Diogo Lourenco (postdoc): thermal evolution of Mars

Guang Zhai (postdoc): induced seismicity

Anna Barth (postdoc): volcanology and geysers

Mara Hartley Reed (graduate student): geysers

Tyler Cadena (graduate student): stress in magmatic systems as recorded by crystals and their inclusions

Zach Smith (graduate student): interaction between tectonics and fluid flow

Sevan Adourian (graduate student): joint interpretation of geophysical data; effects of seismic waves on magma bodies

Elizbeth Lu, Dr. Helge Gonnermann (now faculty member at Rice), Michael Manga at the EPS graduation, May 2004

Former students and postdocs

Graduate students:

Steve Breen (now postdoc, UC Irvine): multiphase flow in porous media

Dana Lapides (now postdoc, Univ Wisconsin): wood in rivers

Nate Lindsey (now lead scientist at FiberSense): imaging with fiber

Robert Citron (now postdoc, UC Davis): internal evolution of Mars and its interaction with the atmosphere

Noah Randolph-Flagg (now postdoc, NASA Ames): hydrothermal processes

Kristen Fauria (now faculty at Vanderbilt): mechanics of pyroclastic density currents and submarine eruptions

Carolina Munoz (now faculty at Univ Nevada, Reno): geysers and geothermal systems

Max Rudolph (now faculty at UC Davis): fracture and stresses in planetary ice shells, mud rheology and mud volcano eruptions, geysers

Leif Karlstrom (now faculty at University of Oregon): eruption of flood basalts, dynamics of lava lakes, magma chamber - volcano interactions, geysers

Alyssa Sarid Rhoden (now Southwest Research Institute): Europa tectonics

Edwin Kite (now faculty at University of Chicago): super Earth's, Martian geodynamics and surface history

Christian Huber (now faculty at Brown): caldera forming eruptions, plume-slab interactions, Lattice-Boltzmann methods

Helge Gonnermann (now faculty at Rice University); why do volcanoes erupt explosively? experimental studies of mantle convection

Alison Rust (now faculty at Bristol Univ): rheology of bubbly magmas and lavas; using deformed bubbles to determine strain rate and flow type; formation of tube pumice

Martin Saar (now faculty at ETH); percolation theory and the yield strength of subliquidus basalts; using temperature measurements to study groundwater flow; earthquakes induced by groundwater recharge

Jim Watkins (now faculty at University of Oregon): plume-slab interactions, water disffusion in obsidian

Mark Wenzel (now state of California); evolution of the Martian interior, dynamics in D"

Jon Castro (now faculty at Mainz): obsidian flow dynamics

Taylor Perron (now faculty at MIT): oceans on Mars?

Joel Rowland (now researcher at Los Alamos): springs along the Bay Area faults

Robin Beebee (now with the Forest Service in Alaska): controls on the timing of volume of snowmelt in the Pacific Northwest

Chad Dorsey (now The Concord Consortium): gravity currents

Bretagne Hygelund (MSc; now park naturalist Deschutes County); hydraulic and geomorphic effects of large woody debris in streams (Photo of the Cultus River, OR, a spring-fed river with lots of stable wood)

Liz James (MSc): hydrogeology of the Oregon Cascades

Maria Brumm (MSc, now living in Seattle): heat flow in the Sierras, earthquake triggering of the Lusi mud volcano eruption

Dayanthie Weeraratne (MSc, now faculty at Cal State Northridge): mantle convection


Xiaojing Fu (postdoc, now faculty at Caltech): geological fluid mechanics

Vashan Wright (postdoc, now faculty U.C. San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography): mechanical properties of sand and marine sediments

Doug Hemingway (postdoc, now postdoc at the Carnegie Institution): icy satellites

Janire Prudencio (postdoc, now faculty University of Grenada): attenuation in Long Valley caldera

Barbara Tripoli (postdoc, now consulting on water quality): effects of deformation on crystallization

Ben Black (now faculty at Rutgers): magma transport and storage, climate effects of eruptions

Ben Andrews (now Smithsonian): pyroclastic density currents and magma mixing

Isamu Matsuyama (now faculty at Univ Arizona): rotational dynamics of solid bodies

Joe Dufek (now faculty at Univ Oregon): pyclastic flow dynamics, Martian maars, melt focussing by magma chambers

Emily Brodsky (now faculty at UC Santa Cruz); the response of wells to distant earthquakes, volcano-earthquake interactions

Mark Jellinek (now faculty at Univ British Columbia); experimental studies of mantle convection, periodicity of volcanic eruptions

Rebecca Carey (now faculty University of Tasmania): textures of volcanic rocks

Bruno Cagnoli (now INGV in Rome); mechanics of pyroclastic flows

Tim Creyts (now researcher at Lamont): subglacial hydrology

Yoshiko Ogawa (now faculty at Kobe University): hydrothermal processes on Mars

Maurizio Battaglia (now USGS): geodynamics of Long Valley caldera

Sarah Zaranek (now with Mathworks): thermal evolution of Mars, convection below the continental lithosphere

Atsuko Namiki (now faculty at Hiroshima University): fragmentation of bubbly liquids

Wim DeGruyter (now faculty at Cardiff): pumice and conduit processes

Benoit Cordonnier (now in Zurich): magma rheology

John Hernlund (now at ELSI): the basal magma ocean, now a researcher at ELSI Japan

Allen Hunt (now at Wright State University): motion of bubbles in porous media


Amy Ferrick: microstructure of natural beach sands

Dakota Churchill: using silica sinters to study hydrothermal systems

Theresa Sawi (now graduate student at Columbia): effects of earthquakes on volcanic eruptions

Behnaz Hosseini (now graduate student at Montana State): submarine eruptions

Esther Adelstein (now graduate student at UC Santa Cruz): lab studies of geysers

Cansu Culha (now graduate student at Stanford): Europa's tectonics

Veronika Soukhovitskaya (now at LBNL): mass wasting on Mars: wet or dry?

Ellen Knappe (now graduate student at Univ Montana): mud rheology

Sam Birch (now graduate student at Cornell): wet granular materials

Aaron Tran: mud volcanoes

Jan Stark: bubbles in porous media

Nathanael Schaeffer (trying to make a dynamo in France): experimental studies of mantle convection

Antoine Sinton: tectonics on Europa

Michael Boone: hydrologic response to earthquakes; energetics of pyroclastic flows

Some other collaborators, past and present

Kenny Befus (Baylor): rhyolite volcanism and residual stress in crystals

Brittany Brand (Boise State): explosive mafic voclanism

Chloe Michaut (IPGP Paris, now Lyon): Europa tectonics

Ameeta Patel: thermal quenching and abrasion of pumice

Shaul Hurwitz (USGS): geysers

Rob Sohn (MIT): geysers

Fukashi Maeno (Univ Tokyo): turbidity currents

Matt Hornbach (Southern Methodist): IODP 340 science

Simon Cox (GNS New Zealand): earthquake hydrology

Chi Wang (Berkeley faculty): earthquake hydrology

Rob Lillis (researcher SSL, UC Berkeley): history of Martian dynamo

Kathy Cashman (Univ Oregon and then Bristol); volcanology

Adrian Lenardic (Professor at Rice); plumes and plate tectonics

Francis Nimmo (UC Santa Cruz): diapirism on Europa (Picture of domes, courtesy of NASA)

Dorothy Koch (Yale): once a geodynamicist, now atmospheric scientist (check out our cover picture for Geophysical Research Letters)

Marshall Gannett (USGS, Portland) and Ken Lite (Oregon Water Resource Department): hydrogeology of the Deschutes River Basin

Richard Davies (Univ Durham), Mark Tingay (Univ Adelaide) and Richard Swarbrick (Geopressure Technology): eruption of the Lusi mud volcano in Indonesia

Jerry Mitrovica (Univ Toronto, now Harvard): polar wander on Mars

James Roberts (Applied Physics Lab): thermal effects of impacts on Mars

Mike Martin (Advanced Light Source, LBNL): water diffusion in volcanic glasses

Eric Gaidos (Univ Hawaii): super-Earths

Herb Frey (NASA Goddard): impacts on Mars and the history of the Martian dynamo

Tim Rose (LLNL): springs

Olivier Bachmann (ETH Switzerland): evolution of large magma chambers

Julia Hammer (Hawaii): experimental models of vesiculation

Former advisors

Jafar Arkani-Hamed (McGill): my undergraduate advisor

Rick O'Connell (Harvard, Earth and Planetary Sciences): one of my two PhD avisors

Howard Stone (Harvard, Applied Sciences, now at Princeton): one of my two PhD advisors

Raymond Jeanloz (UC Berkeley): postdoc advisor

Michael with Thorsten Becker (at the German embassy), one of Rick O'Connell's other former graduate students


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