Neat stuff in the field

Little Glass Mountain, CA (photo by Helge Gonnermann)

Field work is a key aspect of our work and classes, and has provided the inspiration for new projects and research directions. In fact, several completed student theses have been based on field work or data collected in the field. These theses include the MSc theses of Bretagne Hygelund (geomorphology), Liz James (isotope hydrogeology), Martin Saar (porosity-permeability relationships in basalts), the PhD thesis of Jon Castro (obsidian flow dynamics), and Maria Brumm (heat flow in the Sierras). Max Rudolph studied mud volcanoes and Leif Karlstrom studied supraglacial channels. With Joel Rowland we monitored springs in the Bay Area in order to document and understand hydrological responses to earthquakes. Carolina Munoz studied geysers in El Tatio, Chile. Noah Randolph-Flagg studied hydrothermally-altered ignimbrite in Long Valley caldera. Kristen Fauria studied a large underwater silicic eruption on the MESH cruise. Dana Lapides studied wood in rivers.

Bands in obsidian at Little Glass Mountain, CA (photo by Helge Gonnermann)

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Salton Sea mud volcanoes, June 2021

San Andreas Fault, May 2021

Mono Lake, March 2021

Aso volcano, Japan, February 2020

Llaima volcano, Chile, January 2020

Nepal, October 2019

Azerbaijan, September 2019

Laguna del Maule, January 2018

Volcano science class field trip, August 2017

Havre submarine volcano, March-April 2015

El Tatio, Chile, geyser field, October 2014

Stream flow responses to the 2014 Napa earthquake

Berkeley Field Camp, Long Valley, 2014

Lone Star Geyser, Yellowstone National Park, April 2014

Kagoshima, Japan, July 2013

Hawaii, August 2012

Christchurch, New Zealand, May 2012

IODP Expedition 340, March-April 2012

Mono and Inyo domes, eastern California, August 2011

Homoman peridotite, Mt Usu, Mt Tarumae, Japan, July 2011

Salton Sea mud volcanoes and mud pots, spring 2010

Lassen volcano, 2009

Australia (the red interior, rainforest and Great Barrier Reef), 2009

Kilauea, Hawaii, 2009

Alpine Fault, New Zealand, 2009

Mount St Helens, 2008

Iceland, 2008

Grand Canyon, 2007

Mound springs, New Mexico, 2006

The Outback, Australia, 2006

Antarctica, January 2005

Medicine Lake, August 2002

Springs near Mission Peak, CA

Springs in the Oregon Cascades

Sespe Creek watershed

Michael at Fall River, Oregon, a spring-fed river

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