Neat stuff in the Field

El Tatio geyser field, Chile, October 2014
In October 2014, we took our second trip to the El Tatio geyser field, Chile. Based on the 2012 expedition we completed two studies, one of a geyser nicknamed "El Jefe" and a second we named "El Cobreloa". See geyser papers for the results. The focus of the 2014 trip was to study the additional geysers, and to collect water samples and discharge measurements so that we could assess the mass and energy budget of the entire system.

See campus press release and video by former Miller fellow eric King for more graphics and videos.

Upper geyser basin, El Tatio.

El Cobreloa erupting.

Carolina removing the pressure and temperature sensors from Vega Rinconada.

The scenery on the daily drive to and from the field site.

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