Neat stuff in the Field

Springs near Fremont, CA
We (with Joel Rowland) are studying the reponse of springs in the Mission Peak region (near Fremont, CA) to regional earthquakes. In particular we are monitoring discharge and temperature in order to characterize the subsurface response. This field data is being intergrate with groundwater flow models in order to understand what changes in the subsurface are responsible for changes in temperature and discharge at springs.

Fault near Mission Peak

Joel installing a data logger. The brown plants are thistles. The green plants are stinging nettles. Someone had to take the picture.

Joel climbing out of the culvert through which Warm Springs water is transported.

Spring number 11 at Alum Rock Park, San Jose

360 degree view from Mission peak (photo by Johnny Sanders)

Some photos from and EPS 200 field trip in May 2003

Joel and Johnny Sanders downloading data from Warm Springs.

The creep meter in Hayward.

The culvert at Warm Springs.

Looking for a lost data logger in Penetencia Creek.

Installing a second data logging system at Warm Springs.

Ken Ferrier drilling holes in concrete.

Joel getting everything installed.

Joel figuring out which wires go where.

The final product.

Bobcat at Warm Springs.

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