Neat stuff in the Field

Iceland, summer 2008
Iceland has spectacular volcanic geology and neat hydrothermal systems created by this volcanism.

Strokkur geyser -- erupts every 3-4 minutes (at least during our visit).

Strokkur (right) and the Great Geysir (left). Geysers get their name from this geyser -- Geysir erupts about twice/day.

Hekla volcano. Most recent eruption was in 2000. This is the only volcano in Iceland to erupt calc-alkaline lavas.

Rootless cones -- these form when lava flow over wet or frozen ground. They resemble small cinder cones, but the source of the erupted material is the lava flow on which they sit.

Waterfall through jointed basalt. The step occurs at the contact between the lava flow (top) and hyaloclastite (bottom). See Lamb et al. (2008) for a brief discussion of these types of landforms.

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