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Springs in the Oregon Cascades
Over the last several years, we have been studying large springs in the Oregon Cascades. The presence of the springs, and the properties of the spring water (composition, temperature) can used to develop models of the regional hydrogeology (more details). In additon, we have used these springs have to address several specific questions: What is the regional heat flow? What is the rate of magmatic degassing and intrustion rate beneath the Cascade arc?

We have also used the spring fed streams to study the hydraulic and geomorphic impact of wood in streams. More details can be found in Manga and Kirchner (2000) the thesis of Bretagne Hygelund, and Hygelund and Manga (2003).

Nathanel Schaffer and Bretagne Hygelund in the Fall River, OR

Source of the Cultus River, OR

Liz James in Browns Creek, OR

Predicted (bold curve) and measured (thin curve) discharge at the Quinn River spring, OR. See a review paper for more details.

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