Neat stuff in the lab

The Geological Fluid Mechanics Lab, located in the basement of McCone Hall, is home to many strange pieces of equipment and people.

Current lab members: Ben Black, Steve Breen, Kristen Fauria, Noah Randolph-Flagg , Carolina Munoz, Michael Manga, Mark Richards

Former lab members: Andres Hernandez, Max Rudolph, Ameeta Patel, Wim Degruyter, Benoit Cordonnier, Cansu Culha, Sam Birch, Esther Adelstein, Leif Karlstrom, Joe Dufek, Edwin Kite, Alyssa Rhoden, Chris Huber, Jim Watkins, Atsuko Namiki, Helge Gonnermann, Bruno Cagnoli, Mark Wenzel, Alison Rust, Tim Creyts, Rebecca Carey, Ben Andrews, Michael Boone, Antoine Sinton, Nathanael Schaeffer, Mark Jellinek, Alison Rust, Dayanthie Weeraratne, Chad Dorsey, Martin Saar, Bretagne Hygelund, Dave Stegman

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Lab equipment

Some results

Some mistakes

McCone hall (where our lab and offices are located)

From left to right, Mark Wenzel, Michael Manga, Martin Saar, and Helge Gonnermann
tightening the belt for the big convection tank.

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