MICHAEL MANGA: Recent Refereed Publications


M. Manga (1997) Interactions between mantle diapirs, submitted to Geophysical Research Letters.

Experimental, theoretical and numerical results are presented for the dynamics of interacting and deforming diapirs. The clustering, or ``collective hydrodynamics'' of diapirs is due to the deformation induced by their mutual interactions. The merging of two diapirs can occur relatively rapidly compared to their ascent time through the mantle. However, clustering of many diapirs in ``clouds'' of diapirs is a relatively slow process and unlikely to significantly affect their distribution in the Earth's mantle. On Venus, if coronae are produced by diapirs, then the inferred diapir radius is smaller the plume head diameter in the Earth, and diapir clustering may explain the variation of coronae size and may be related to the observed clustering of coronae on the surface.

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