MICHAEL MANGA: Recent Refereed Publications


Dorsey, C. and M. Manga (1998) The spreading of drops and axisymmetric gravity currents along a free surface, Physics of Fluids, vol. 10, 3011-3013.

Experimental results are presented for the spreading of buoyant drops and gravity currents beneath or at a free surface, respectively. The spreading occurs at low Reynolds number, and no interfacial tension exists between the spreading drop or current and the ambient fluid. As the ratio of the spreading and ambient fluid viscosities, \lambda, is varied with respect to the aspect ratio of the drop or current, R/a, spreading rates in the three regimes \lambda << [ln(R/a)]^-1 a/R, a/R >> \lambda << R/a, and \lambda >> R/a are considered. Experimental spreading rates in these three viscosity-ratio regimes show agreement with the theoretical solutions for long-term spreading.

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