Theses from research group:

Kristen Fauria, PhD, December 2017.

Carolina Munoz-Saez, PhD, December 2016.

Maxwell L. Rudolph, ``Mechanical controls on eruptions'', PhD, August 2012.

Edwin Kite, ``1. Climate change on ancient Mars. 2. Exoplanet geodynamics and climate'', PhD, December 2011.

Leif Karlstrom, ``Causes and consequences of unsteady crustal magma transport'', PhD, December 2011.

Alyssa Rhoden, ``The rotation and fracture history of Europa from modeling of tidal-tectonic processes'', PhD, December 2011.

Chris Huber, ``The importance of small-scale dynamics on large-scale magmatic processes'', PhD, May 2009.

Maria J. Brumm, ``Ground water in tectonically active areas: Implications for heat flow and the earthquake-triggered eruption of mud volcanoes'', Masters thesis, May 2008.

Mark Wenzel, ``Layered mantle convection on Mars, and the electronic structure of magnetite'', PhD, August 2006.

Helge M. Gonnermann, ``Thermal and thermochemical convection in the Earth's mantle and Dynamics of magma ascent in silicic volcanoes'', PhD, December 2004.

Alison C. Rust, ``Viscosity, deformation and permeability of bubbly magma: Applications to flow and degassing in volcanic conduits'', PhD, December 2003.

Martin O. Saar, ``Geological fluid mechanics models at various scales'', PhD, August 2003.

Bretagne N. Hygelund, ``Geomorphic and hydraulic effects of woody debris: Insights for spring-dominated streams'', Masters thesis, August 2002.

Elizabeth R. James, ``Isotope tracers and regional-scale groundwater flow: Application to the Oregon Cascades'', Masters thesis, May 1999.

Dayanthie S. Weeraratne, ``Convective heat transport in high Prandtl number fluids and planetary mantles'', Masters thesis, May 1999.

Martin O. Saar, ``The relationship between permeability, porosity, and microstructure in vesicular basalts'', Masters thesis, May 1998. Download pdf of thesis

Undergraduate theses

Veronika Soukhovitskaya, ``Physics of gravity-driven flows and Martian landslide dynamics'', undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, May 2004.

Michael Calkins, ``Experimental study of thermal plumes formation on a circular cone'', undergraduate thesis, UC Berkeley, August 2004.

Jan Stark, ``The motion of long bubbles in a network of tubes'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 1998.

Nathanael Schaeffer, ``Boundary layer interaction in plume-based variable-viscosity thermal convection'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 2000.

Antoine Sinton, ``Origin of surface features on Europa inferred from scaled analog wax experiments'', Rapport de stage de Maitrise, option Physique, Ecole Normale Superieure de Lyon, August 2003.

. . . for part of thesis

Julia E. Hammer, ``Magma vesiculation, degassing, and crystallization: Case studies and results from analog experiments'', PhD, May 1998, (Chapter IV ``Analog experiments of magma degassing using corn syrup solutions'', pp. 120-209 and 271-334); Primary advisor, Kathy Cashman.

Jon Castro, ``Textural and structural development of obsidian lavas'', PhD, May 1999, (Chapter II ``Microlite crystallization and orientation distribution in obsidian done, CA, pp. 8-82); Primary advisor, Kathy Cashman.

Robin Beebee, ``Floods in the Deschutes River basin'', PhD thesis, February 2003; Primary advisor, Becky Dorsey and Jim O'Conner.


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