EPS 122:

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors

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Richard Allen
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Class reviews

Here is what former students say:

About the class...

"Introduces me to all geophysical techniques and concepts. Introduces me to scientific research, reading scientific papers."

"Good overview of geophysics, many topics covered. As a non-EPS major, I liked the variety of topics."

"Teaches a lot of material that should be covered in other classes but isn't. I think this course should be required for Geophysics track EPS majors; the wide scope is much more helpful. Great use of application to other rocky bodies in the solar system."

"Good material, great staff, good textbook."

"It's nice that the class isn't as focused on intense exams, more about actually generating interest & learning the material."

"I like the setup of 3 midterms + Term Paper"

About the instructor...

"Really friendly and approachable, always prepared, interesting PowerPoint presentations, kept us updated on current research, exams & homeworks fair."

"Willing to adapt course content based on student interest, ... excellent attitude towards students, made himself available outside of class and would always take questions during lecture."

"Clarity; well-designed lectures; presented a diverse set of material in very understandable terms."

"Lectures are set out well and include lots of interesting material. We cover interesting recent pieces of research in conjunction with the basic principles."

"Answers questions willingly. Makes sure class understands content."

Is this just propaganda? Ask one of the former students...

Fall 2006 class: Minjin Baek, Grace Cairns, Nestor Cuevas, Adrian Down, Eileen Evans, Hung Ha, Ajay Limaye, Kathleen Mai, Angela Morrish, Summer Ohlendorf, Victoria Ridley, Alex Spehr, Louisa Tsang.