EPS 122:

Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors

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Class reading

Assigned reading: All class reading is listed on the syllabus. Most of the reading is from the class textbook: Fowler, "The Solid Earth" 2nd edition. Readings from Fowler will not be posted, you should buy the book. The reading for some lectures does not come from Fowler. These additional readings are posted here.

The Geodynamo
reading: Fowler Ch 8 p373-381 and Glatzmaier et al, 1999

Planetary dating, magnetism and tectonics?
reading: Hartmann p132-135, 256-263 and Connerney et al, 2005

Planetary gravity anomalies
reading: Mars: Smith et al, 1999
optional reading: Moon: Konopliv et al, 1998 Mars: Phillips et al, 2001

The earthquake source
reading: Bolt Appendix G

Convection around the solar system
reading: Wenzel, Manga & Jellinek, 2004

Many documents are pdf for which you will need Adobe Reader which is available for download free of charge.