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Seismic Hazard
Richard Allen
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UC Berkeley

Field Trip 1: The Hayward Fault

All trips leave from the North Gate of campus at the intersection of Euclid and Hearst St and last about 2 hours. Please bring a notebook and a good attitude. We will be walking along a creek at one point so wear a pair of shoes that can get wet/dirty.

The dates of the field trip are on the syllabus.

Field Trip Report

After participating in the field trip prepare a 3-4 page report (1000 words max)based on the trip. The report could take one of the three following forms:

  • Write a description of each of the stops describing what you saw and how it relates to earthquake hazard.
  • Write a short paper on a topic that relates to the field trip. For example: What would be the effects of an earthquake on the Hayward Fault on the Cal campus, Berkeley, or one of the buildings we saw on the trip. What would happen if an earthquake occurred during a football game?
  • Write a short story based on the trip.
If you have a suggestion for an alternative field trip report contact Prof Allen for approval.