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Field Trip II: The Berkeley Hills Landslides

All dates and times will be made available on the syllabus.

All trips will meet at the intersection of Glen Ave and Spruce St which is 0.9 miles north of campus and about a 20 min walk from the North Gate (see map and directions below). Each trip will last about 2 hours including the walk to and from campus. For example, a 9am trip will meet at Spruce and Glen at 9:20 and finish by 10:40 giving time to get back to campus for 11am. Please bring a notebook.

Directions to meeting point (Spruce and Glen):

  1. Start at the North Gate of campus (intersection of Euclid and Hearst)
  2. Walk north along Euclid 5 blocks to Cedar
  3. Turn left onto Cedar and walk 4 blocks west to Spruce
  4. Turn right onto Spruce and walk 3 blocks north to the intersection of Spruce and Glen
The total distance is 0.9 miles and it will take about 20 mins to walk from the North Gate. Each field trip will start at 20 mins past the hour at Spruce and Glen.

Field Trip Report

After participating in the field trip prepare a 3-4 page report (1000 words max)based on the trip. The report could take one of the three following forms:

  • Write a description of each of the stops describing what you saw and how it relates to landsliding hazard.
  • Write a short paper on a topic that relates to the field trip. For example: What would be the impact of a sudden landslide across Spruce St? How do homeowners deal with the impacts of the slow landsliding?
  • Write a short story based on the trip.
If you have a suggestion for an alternative field trip report contact Prof Allen for approval.