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Lecture notes and reading downloads

This is your download center for all lecture notes and some reading materials.
Lecture notes: The PowerPoint slides from all lectures will be posted here as pdf files. The best use of these notes is to bring them to class so you can annotate the slides during lectures.
Assigned reading: Most of the reading is from the class textbook: Bolt, "Earthquakes" 5th edition. Readings from Bolt will not be posted, you should buy the book. Other readings will be posted here along with the lectures to which they are relevant.

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Thu Aug 28 California and earthquakes
Quick Web Exercise: Who are you? Due: 5pm Tue Sep 3rd
notes (pdf) audio/screen capture:

Many documents are pdf for which you will need Adobe Reader which is available for download free of charge.

References used by the class

  1. Bolt, "Earthquakes" 5th edition. The textbook website also has some useful study aids including the Flashcards for each chapter.
  2. Reisner, "A Dangerous Place, California's unsettling fate"
  3. Zeilinga de Boer and Sanders, "Earthquakes in Human History"
  4. "Scenario for Magnitude 7.0 Earthquake on the Hayward Fault." Report by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute, HF-96, September 1996.