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Earthquake early warning summit:
Delivering earthquake warnings to the US west coast

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Day 2 Presentations

Day 2 agenda (pdf)

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Introductory comments
Dean Mark Richards (UC Berkeley)

Introductory comments
Prof. Richard Allen (UC Berkeley)
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The March 11, M9 Tohoku earthquake: What happened
Prof. Hiroo Kanamori (Caltech)
Slides: comming soon

Current status of early warning in the US
Prof. Tom Heaton (Caltech)
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(no video)

How industry, government, and the public could use warning in the US, and what is needed to deliver it
Richard Allen (UC Berkeley)
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Press Briefing

Summary slides used in the press briefing
Richard Allen (UC Berkeley)
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For more information contact Richard Allen (rallen-at-berkeley.edu)