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CISN ShakeAlert
– An Earthquake Early Warning Demonstration System for California

Bӧse, M., R. Allen, H. Brown, G. Cua, M. Fischer, E. Hauksson, T. Heaton, M. Hellweg, M. Liukis, D. Neuhauser, P. Maechling & CISN EEW Group

in: F. Wenzel and J. Zschau (eds.) Early Warning for Geological Disasters - Scientific Methods and Current Practice; ISBN: 978-3-642-12232-3, Springer Berlin Heidelberg New York, 2014.

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To demonstrate the feasibility of earthquake early warning (EEW) in California, we have developed and implemented the CISN ShakeAlert demonstration system. A Decision Module combines estimates and uncertainties determined by three algorithms implemented in parallel, τc-Pd Onsite, Virtual Seismologist, and ElarmS, to calculate and report at a given time the most probable earthquake magnitude and location, as well as the likelihood of correct alarm. A User Display receives the alert messages in real-time, calculates the expected local shaking intensity, and displays the information on a map. Currently, CISN ShakeAlert is being tested by ~70 individuals and test users from industries and emergency response organizations in California. During the next three years we plan to expand this demonstration warning system to the entire US West Coast.