News and images from the 1996 eruption beneath Vatnajokull, Iceland.

This is your link to all sorts of information about the 1996 eruption beneath Vatnajokull, Iceland - October 1st to 12th 1996. A range of sources on the internet have been used to compile these pages.

The reason for our interest here in the Geosiences Dept in Princeton, is that we have just installed an array of thirty seismometers across Iceland to study the geophysical structure of the crust and mantle below. These instruments have recorded the events associated with the eruption and will hopefully provide an insight into the dynamics of the Earth in this region.

Available on these pages...

A chronological account of the eruption including photos of different stages of the eruption, maps of earthquakes and satellite images.

Daily News Iceland cuttings. Cuttings from this daily Icelandic newspaper provided by the Iceland Review including some beautiful photos.

Photo Gallery. A collection of photos of the eruption.

Pictures and news were provided by the following people during the course of the eruption - thanks for making the info available.
  • Nordic Volcanological Institute
  • Daily News Iceland
  • University of Iceland, Science Institute
  • The Icelandic Meterological Office
  • Air Charter Inc.
  • Tromso Satellite Station

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